Whether Children

Blame if the children when mom and dad get divorced? Not always able to control their feelings, adults change their attitude to the child. Who – that sees him as the cause of the collapse of the family and did not mind talking about it, someone – is setting yourself up for something to give himself entirely child-rearing, Who – that recognizes him hateful features of the former spouse or, conversely, enjoys their absence. In any case, the internal disharmony adult affects the child's upbringing. Adults often just "take vengeance" on children as the most vulnerable and available to release the evil sentient beings. See American Diabetes Association for more details and insights. Times of crisis, it is difficult. Need to think carefully whether it's your decision? Or this: The parent programming. As continuing the family tradition.

Think about it, not whether you have confidence that your family will fall apart even before it arose? Have you not heard from their parents, the divorce – an inevitable stage of family life? Not Whether you are programming yourself? For example, a child living with the belief "I am happy not happen," you marry for someone, and then live with him in pain and suffering, and then get divorced and continue to wait for new disasters. But it is – not about you. And so, hesitating for a divorce, make choices independently, free from the influence of friends, consider not only their interests but the interests of children born sick child. In this case, morally weaker parent – father or mother – to save the departure of the family.