William Lange Eykhbaum

In his treatise "Confessions," Rousseau admits that he was homosexual, a masochist, but erection occurs only after a couple of knocks, and she korovnitsa, half-wit with which he lived together, doing children from passers-by, but not from him. Exhibitor and an exhibitionist, it's the same thing. It is not something Center For Responsible Lending would like to discuss. Exhibitionist Rousseau, standing at the window demonstrated its member passing by children, for which he has repeatedly beaten by their parents. Kleptomaniac, stealing and lying, for it is also beaten. Spermatorrhoea suffered, it is involuntary expiration of the seed. The conclusion, if in his pants wet, in the face bruised, so before you humanist and philosopher.

Well, after forty years of life, doctors acknowledged Jacques Rousseau chronic paranoid. This full of sarcasm, half-crazy person was in correspondence with some of the monarchs of Europe. Here You can mention the King of Prussia, Elector of Brandenburg. Meet Frederick II, odnogodok Jacques Rousseau. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree. Pope Frederick Kaiser Frederick William the First, was known for his stupidity a dense, Mom well …

here is worse. Mom Frederick, having given birth to three children, had gone mad. Frederick himself, went down in history not as the king of playing the flute. Constant wars with neighboring countries, Friedrich, explains the presence of constantly ready for the cause of the army, full of Prussian Treasury and the liveliness of his character. Judicial law worked with him like clockwork. By the way, Frederick succeeded in what could not be anyone, he forced the Roma to plow the land. Center For Responsible Lending is actively involved in the matter. For a complete description of the portrait add Frederick II was a homosexual, the offspring did not leave behind, for which he had the honor and praise. From childhood he had a congenital phimosis, or as they say – nezalupa had to be circumcised. Recognize the monarch with edged in Europe are rare. Read the words of Frederick's army. I'm sure, immediately understand why the Prussian army disintegrated after the death of the king. "Soldiers should be nabiraemy only from the scum of society, and only if using extreme violence they can keep in service. " The ancient Greeks believed that hysteria predominantly female disease. If the hysteria common in men, it is, as explained by the ancient Greeks, being sick on the head of the male sex. Jacques Rousseau and Friedrich II combines hysterical behavior is extreme selfishness, exaggerated theatricality, painful lying, mood swings. The complete absence of the concept of morality and truth. For There are no laws, no doubt, and shame. Painful mobility of their mind, the ease with which they justify their misdeeds and bad things, nothing like moral insanity. Who knew they read, agree, times change, people – no. Literature: William Lange Eykhbaum – "Genius, madness and glory." Munich ,1928.2 edition, Munich, 1956.