Wooden House

What is life in an apartment building? It is not always a pleasant interaction with neighbors, noisy companies under windows and staircases, and to put it mildly, not very healthy environment "" Probably the majority of readers have anything to add to this by no means a complete list of "charms" living in a glass-concrete kingdom. And probably no accident revives the tradition of building his own house on the ground. But the question is: how, from what and for what price to build their homes, which will be really convenient, comfortable and will not harm the health of the household? Cost per square meter in Chelyabinsk varies from an average of 27 to 35 thousand rubles. House of laminated veneer lumber Turnkey with the finished roof, windows and doors of the company's "Eco-House Ural costs 25 thousand rubles for a" square ". Standard "" area of 72 square meters would cost about 2.5 million rubles. For the same money you can build a house of laminated board of 90 "squares" (including basement).

A house made of logs of the same general area will cost 810,000 rubles (including basement). Has long been in Russia for the construction of homes used wood. It Wooden houses are considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of housing. Best properties of wood combined with the durability absorbed laminated board. This material is traditionally considered one of the most expensive and is used for building houses the business and elitklassa. But it turns out, the houses from glued beams may be available to a wider range of buyers! "The fact that buyers of cottages from laminated veneer lumber manufacturers often offer the option, without which you can easily dispense with the well to save without sacrificing quality, – the head of a group of companies "Eco-House Ural Maxim Stepanich.