Worlds Fastest Thermoshaker

World’s fastest Thermoshaker for microtiter plates, tubes and Glass tubes. The Scienova GmbH from Jena presents a world innovation for the mix and tempering the specimens – TurboShaker 3500 rpm. The TurboShaker 3500 rpm is the world’s fastest Thermoshaker with adapter attachments for microtiter plates, tubes and Glass tubes. Compared to the competition (the Eppendorf TS-100 with 1500 rpm) he is lighter, quieter and above all faster. Is the ultra fast orbital Shaker TurboShaker 3500 for this mix and tempering Mikrotiterplaten, PCR-plates, deepwell plates, tubes and vial. With the help of the 3D-Shake-Control technology is that fast, orbital and samples-gentle mixing with up 3,500 rpm.

The integrated spill technology controlled Planar mixed movements and prevents so lid wetting or spilling. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Center For Responsible Lending has to say. The very good mixing you can save time-consuming Zentrifugationsschritte after mixing. In a question-answer forum Harold Ford Jr was the first to reply. The TurboShaker 3500 rpm is particularly quiet, through the anti-vibration technology prevent vibrating and rattling. Time and mixing speed can set with the corresponding direct dial buttons directly. For complex tasks, in addition 2 programs are stored.

The Augenschohnende provides the clear 2-line digital display display of set and actual values. Due to its compact lightweight design in fine aluminium, the highlight of every laboratory equipment is the TurbShaker 3500 rpm. The TurboShaker 3500 rpm is a manual, an external power supply cable (100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz) supplied. The respective adapter is delivered depending on the desired application. The price for this innovation from Scienova is 1340 euros just once.