Yoga Mats

How to choose the right mat for yoga (yogamat)? What parameters should be considered? Most people, practicing yoga, especially beginners, often ask these questions. In this article, we will try to answer these and other issues. Do I need a special pad? Undoubtedly, as yoga mats you can use any litter that is appropriate in size and pleasant in texture. This may be a universal pad of household goods, and beach towel, and just a piece of cloth. But there are special yoga mats that have the necessary qualities for a comfortable practice. At a special mat has a number of advantages. First, these mats are slip sticky surface that increases traction pad to the body.

This is quite handy during class. Secondly, these rugs have a wide range of colors and sizes, so you will have a choice. Third, for such a rug it will be easy to pick up a special pouch or bag for yoga. Whether to have your carpet or not have? If you go to a regular practice, then your own mat it will be necessary attribute. In this case it is necessary treat it as a matter for individual use, such as a toothbrush or washcloth. Since the practice of yoga involves working with energy, some of your energy will certainly remain on the rug. So no outside the classroom to offer it to your pet or use it as during the campaign. Remember, this is the subject of your personal yoga hygiene.