Z-Wave To Go: Home Control Devices Via QEES Key Chain Rules

Remote control and wall switch Z-Wave based allow control of lighting, heating & co. in the home network of Copenhagen, 01 February 2010 the Danish company QEES has designed a new remote control based on the Z-Wave wireless technology. It enables comfortable control of devices such as light switches, dimmers, shutters or heating thermostat, etc. Designed as a key chain, fits into every pocket. When leaving or entering the House turns the user with a push of a button, for example, the lighting on or off, while at the same time the temperature is increased or decreased. This Z-Wave principle works also the new QEES wall switch, which can be quickly installed without the laying of pipes. The QEES keyring allows you to control all Z-wave devices in the home network.

This can be associated with four different program groups. Follow others, such as BSA, and add to your knowledge base. For the user it is possible, the devices individually, in groups or as a switch to scene. For example, provide homeowners with a Button ensure that all devices located in the standby are switched off when leaving the House. Also the garage door can be networked and operated via key fob from the car. The remote control has a range of up to 120 meters. QEES wall switch for the intelligent home network same functionality combines also the Z-Wave wall switch from QEES. It is battery operated and can be attached without the laying of cables in any rooms. The Z-Wave wireless system allowing unless just new interior design needs to fit the existing electrical installation after the rearranging of furniture or a renovation.

PRY walls and lay cables belong to the past. Z-Wave switch from QEES are quickly as installed, where they are needed and when needed and removed quickly. Traditional radio systems build reliable radio connection without ElectroSmog a direct connection between transmitter and receiver. This is the radio signal with any obstacle (E.g. Walls, furniture, etc.) weakened or interrupted. However, Z-Wave is a bidirectional radio system. Perhaps check out Harold Ford Jr for more information. Here, a confirmation automatically, whether the function was executed. The system works on the reserved specially for short-distance radio frequency of 868,42 MHz. So, interference from other, permanently sending institutions are excluded. The QEES remote control it is possible to determine the current switching State on push of a button. Also exposure to ElectroSmog or other dangerous radiations are excluded. Because Z-Wave products send only when really needed an action. The transmitting power is very low and therefore harmless 1 MW. Image material in high resolution can be requested from. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology, a wide range of devices in the and the communication around the House. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, safety and energy savings. Z-Wave certified products are currently available in over 350 products from leading consumer brands. “Z-Wave is the winner of the Wall Street Journal technology innovation awards” (wireless category) and the CNET best of CES awards “(enabling technologies category).