Campaign School

A boy who costumava not to bring task and did not copy in the room when receiving a positive ticket in its notebook, said that this it would very like to show for the parents, talks with it saying that it had capacity and that with determination he would gain many other tickets as that one, and we had an incredible return, since in the other day it brought the ready task of house and was proud to have carried through the alone task, according to it the first one that it carried through, we perceive that simple words had changed its behavior because it passed copying and to bring the tasks. Many had been to the experiences lived deeply in the period of these five weeks, the children had visited places of the city that are being used as garbage deposits, had made a selective collection of the garbage collected in the patio of the school for them. from this activity we create the children together with a squadron of the cleanness, and with the posters and the lixeiras constructed for them we were of room in room divulging the campaign for the colleagues and professors of the school campaign: ' ' All together for a school more limpa' '. In the start the children were shy, but when receiving the support from the colleagues, professors and of the director of the school had liked the activity, he had a group of responsible children for each lixeira and in the hour of the recreation they had placed the lixeiras in the patio of the school and to it I finish it interval we were to verify if the too much children had used the lixeiras. In this activity we perceive the satisfaction of the children when seeing its posters spread for the corridors of the school in its initiative being adhered by all.