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Ville Valo

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Why failures haunt me? Like I'm doing everything right, but everything is broken in the dust? Sooner or later, at the head of every man sweep such matters. Have you thought about before you reach your goals, that this on others? No need to go over the heads that would achieve his goal. Sooner or later that you made someone come back to you. And the Lord said of the murder, everyone shall be avenged sevenfold. What will happen to the thief who stole the bread? He'll have to get everything back to sevenfold size.

No, it is not necessary that the thief will return the seven loaves of bread. Perhaps in the future, he just loses money. And those who found the money, lose more. So do not rejoice when you found someone else's thing, or that you gave a little more than putting in a store. People such as Vida Vacation Mexico would likely agree. All this will have to return sooner or later. For sins committed reckoning always comes.

For your sins will be paying your children. And it is not uncommon. Often Many parents of children born ugly disease, but it's just for the fact that a parent, when something is done. Such cases are legion, for the sake try to ask something like that by others. Many of them will answer you "for the sins of the parents will always pay for their children." I have friends who do not believe in God but believe in the cycle of failure. One friend once said: "foolish not to pick up money lying on the ground, but also foolish to take them. When I find the money, I always prepare for the reckoning. " The very same friend always picks up the found money. The very same friend said that after a while he noticed a variety of oddities related to finances for themselves. "Then I simply run out of money. You may find Dr. Neal Barnard to be a useful source of information. I save on everything. Unpaid tolls, do not eat at work during lunch. But then things get in places and again is taking its course, "says a friend. The world is in equilibrium, whatever you did, everything will return to you. What do not you have done everything to them coming back. So that the power of the whole nerve just smile their failures, and know that everything will be fine. As said, Ville Valo, lead singer of him in the world, all should be in balance if you yell, stepped on his foot.

Program Roots

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There they had discovered that they had been the slaves who had made to when the Conde he came of the city of Belm. Because at this time alone if it walked for the river, when it disembarked back in the river, in the narrow river, it not to make dirty the mud feet it made with that the slaves made this way of rocks. this way of rocks, when the tide tava dries (because the tide fulls and low), made there with that it was lined until the deep one of igarap’ ‘. Inside of the mesorregio metropolitan of Belm, the community of 2 avocado plantation is the only one that she is with its regulated lands and titleholders, since 1999. However, the land delivers to the community in 13 of May of 1999 for the Land Institute of Par (ITERPA) represents less than 15% of that they possuam for inheritance of the Conde Coma Mello. As I castrate & Marin, the legacy of the Conde was of one would sesmaria equivalent the 2,100 hectares and its current property is of 308,1991 hectares.

In 2003, the ITERPA opened new process of regularization of this area of form to search alternatives to extend the area of the community. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has plenty of information regarding this issue. To guarantee its subsistence, the men and women of 2 avocado plantation develop diverse economic activities: they plant roados and hortas, they produce and they vendem coal, they collect and they commercialize aa, they extract and they vendem wood and rock. The community takes off advantage of the proximity with the urban center to commercialize its products, participating to Saturdays of a fair in Ananindeua. They also take to the fair products of its roados (derived from the cassava, maracuj, jambu) and coal. As I castrate & Marin, the system of agricultural production combines roas of winter and summer (cassava, maize, maxixe, macaxeira and jerimum) and the perennial and semiperennial cultures (as cupuau, aa, pupunha, uxi, acerola and maracuj). In 2001, ten families had given beginning to a new experience of production, the project of beekeeping, financed for the Program Roots of the government of Par. Edilia Maria Teixeira Oak evaluates this initiative: ‘ ‘ He is one of the projects that already are with four years, but not yet is what people wait, unhappyly. The negative points are: the technician.

Because beekeeping does not advance to only make a workshop, a course, you has that to be the time all brought up to date. It has some different forms of manejo’ ‘.

Migrations For Amaznia

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Migrations for Amaznia the development of the Amaznia did not start with the arrival of the first Europeans who had passed for the region. These adventurers had only given notice of this universe for the remain of the world: they had described the wonders of our forest and mineral wealth; they had spoken of the mitolgicos beings that populated local legends. It was as soon as the colonizador knew the seiva of the used seringueira already for the indians and some adventurers who searched ores and the drugs of the hinterland. The newspapers mentioned Viktor Mayer-Schönberger not as a source, but as a related topic. However the latex alone was used artisan. It occurred that in the end of century XIX the latex gained a new destination: the automobile industry. Thus the industry of the rubber was born that needed materiaprima and hand of workmanship you inject to explore them.

For this the federal government created some programs with the purpose to attract made use workers to domar the ocean of equatorial vegetation, to surpass the adversities and insects in order to locate the seringueiras and to bleed them so that they shed the milky blood. The northeasterns, victims of dry and of the hunger, they had been the first guests for this adventure in the reality many had been obliged to migrar, forced for the police force, as in the case of families where the man was dragged northward and the woman for the south. They had come to the thousands in the time of the great drought of 1877-1879, mobilized more for the necessities of survival of what for the expectation of the industry. From this first ' ' cycle of borracha' ' if it gave to the occupation of the region of the current state of the Acre, originated the conflict that was known as ' ' question acreana' ' which was solved with Brazil buying the territory and today state of the Acre giving beginning to the epic of the construction of the Railroad Mamor Wood.

History Of The Flower Language

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The tradition of giving flowers originated in ancient times. Initially, the flowers were given as a token of love, but now a bunch of flowers can accompany any event, be it a wedding, birthday or business meeting. Unfortunately, many Flowers not perceive as an exquisite gift, and how 'easy option' surprise, when there is no time to search. Such an attitude to flowers completely unfounded. After all, the right floral arrangement made up of beautiful better than any words convey the feelings and wishes of the giver. The language of flowers developed over the centuries, many of its characters are the values become part of our lives: for example, the red rose is associated with true love. On many colors were composed of more myths in ancient times.

Legends make even more romantic aura colors: myths, even the simple, unpretentious bouquet sometimes tell a deeper meaning. The language of flowers dates back to the Victorian era, he kept its importance and to this day. The beginning was Lady Mary Montagu during her trip to Turkey in 1716. Since then, the language of flowers developed, and the smallest details of the bouquet had a certain value. An ingenious even created the beloved flower clock to communicate with the lady of his heart. In the old days, when choosing marriage partners for parents, young people had to hide their true preferences. Correspondence was dangerous, as a love note would fall into the wrong hands, the flowers were the same regardless of suspicion.


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Burial was accompanied by fairly varied inventory. This tools – stone axes, polished with drilled holes in them, bronze knives and awls, weapons – flint arrows and spears, jewelry – bone pins with heads in the form of hammer, drilled teeth of animals and shells, ceramics. Boy Scouts of America can aid you in your search for knowledge. The vessels are decorated with various ornaments made by sharp objects, and prints of the cord on the wet clay. Curious finding symbols of power, belonging, obviously, the leaders of the tribe – stone clubs round, in which holes were inserted wooden handle. Dr. Neal Barnard is full of insight into the issues. In a study of some tombs, archaeologists found traces of the rite, which were the remains of the deceased. After the skull was cleared of soft tissues, sculpted from clay image of the nose and eyes closed.

The reasons for making such a rite is not clear, although there is no doubt that complex and time-consuming process of "simulation" of a person the deceased had to be properly justified ideologically. Inside the Catacomb culture gradually accumulated changes that led to the formation as a result of the so-called culture mnogovalikovoy ceramics (XVIII-XVI cc. BC. e..) The most important characteristic of the new culture is the way the ornamentation of pottery. The vessels were decorated with clay naleplennymi bundles, which are then sharpened sticks through into separate rolls. Also characterized by bone buckle with one or two holes. Burials of this culture made into a simple burial pit in one of the walls of which are sometimes dug up a special niche – was hit.

Angico Lampio

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In this trajectory of combats, jibs and inatividades, Lampio it had many deaths announced for the government of precipitated form, after all, the great head and its group mysteriously knew to disappear and to appear when they wanted and its death was surrounded by many mysteries. Mystery with some placed, affirmed versions and contested as the version of the poisoning, for example, accepted for many and discarded for others. But the version that prevails and doubtlessly more accepted as official, is the slaughter occurred in fatdico day 28 of July of 1938 where 11 cangaceiros had been died the shots, its heads cut and placed in kerosene cans with alcohol and salt to be paraded in the cities for where they had practised all the violence acts, with also showing the population that Lampio finally was I catch and dead with its flock. Its bodies had been left in the disputed place, slandered, its belongings as trophies, a horror. This slaughter occurred in the Grota, grota of Angico and not grotto as many tell. An inhospitable place, surrounded of thorns, rocks and with an only exit.

Who killed Lampio, Maria Pretty and its friends? It was the money of them! they said the projections. In the truth, many factors had contributed so that its death was hasty: Getlio Vargas annoyed with the spreading and projection of the film made for the Lebanese pedlar in 1936 showing the daily one of this bandoleiro that despreocupadamente posava with its power of leadership before the policy and the powerful ones of the hinterland. Then as to mold a New State with a man who if said ' ' governor of serto' ' defied the Federal Government? The proper Benjamim Abrao Calil Boto, the producer of the film and photographic images, contributed indirectly for the death of Lampio filming and photographing the outlaw of all the forms. Its name was manchete daily in periodicals and magazines of the time showing its peripcias and wit in that it made. The first shot given for soldier Abdon Cosmo, initiated the end of the reign of Virgulino Blacksmith.

The Lampio if erased. The leader and commander of caatingas died. They had been almost twenty years in the command being respected and admired by all. It passed to History as one of the biografados men more of the world. It turned legend, turned myth. She was a great personage of the History of Brazil.

Greece After Independence

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After independence, the country's population of Greece is about 800 thousand people. It was about one-fifth of all the people who spoke the Greek language. Approximately 200,000 Greeks lived in the Ionian Islands, which since 1815 belonged to England. And more than 3 million Greeks lived in the territory of the Russian Empire. The next one hundred years the main purpose of the Greek government was to return as many people who say in Greek on Greek territory. The efforts of the Greeks in this direction has supported Russia, which wants to further weaken the Ottoman Empire. Britain feared because of the further strengthening of the Russian Empire in the Balkans, This alignment of forces supported Turkey. Naturally in this scenario, the forces Greece itself is also more inclined to the Russia.

In 1853 started the Crimean War in which Turkey, Britain, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia against Russia. Since Greece was on the side of Russia, the British navy occupied the harbor of Piraeus, to prevent the Greeks to use the favorable situation and attack the Ottoman Empire. After the Crimean War, Britain still has returned the Ionian Islands of Greece, which started the movement for reunification with Greece. The next chance for the liberation of the Greek lands from the Ottomans fell to Greece in the late 19 th century. At this time, broke out revolt in the Balkans against the Ottoman rule. In 1877, Russia again declared war on Turkey, and the Russian army successfully crossed the Danube. As a result of the war in Greece were handed over to new territories in Epirus and Thessaly.

Auriferous Company

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In a escravista society, the main protagonists were the slaves, the free and poor men. At the hands of them they had passed the gold and the precious rocks that had fed the finances of Portugal, and enriched on public agents the Crown in Brazil. If all the wealth, that fed the finances of Portugal and its public agents in Brazil, passed at the hands of the free and poor men, because these had not enriched? Because of the oppression of the treasury department and the laws that defended the interests of the Crown and local rulers. To show for population that the society was igualitria joust and, some religious festividades in the Captainship of Mines had been carried through. The preparation for the parties was enormous, the cities luxuriously were decorated and decorated for the religious festividades. The Chambers of the Metropolis and of the Colony esbanjavam money in these religious parties and finished being without money, for the expenses as conservation of roads, improvement of the condition of life for the population and other things more.

The religious yearnings in these parties they passed far, therefore, were in them that the populations of the city if found and if they communicated, therefore, was the great amusement of the people. The religious yearning, did not exist, what he was festejado in the truth was the success of the auriferous company. As that if at that moment, all had to the reach the precious metal, the gold. During the religious parties, it fell in the esquecimento, to the social differences and conflicts. The image of a rich and full society of good, manipulated for the pomp of the baroque parties, was in the truth a form to hide the poverty and the hunger that the mineradora society devastated.

Therefore the conditions to make richness, with the capitation of the precious metal, were almost impossible. This because, the treasury department, the taxation on the slaves, the purchase and maintenance of would escravaria, the expenses you did not quantify, this everything, in the end of the accounts the balance, was always negative. The more, the production of the gold increased more profit was extracted, for the Crown through the system fiscal. As it says the popular said one: ' ' From above one goes up and of low desce' '. Then the appearance of wealth, luxury and ostentation of the baroque parties was for hiding the poverty that was for backwards of a gold that in the truth alone existed for the Crown and the public agents in Brazil. In truth nothing escaped of system fiscal colonial, that by means of the treasury department, taxation on slaves and other things more, was the way that the Crown had to remove the gold, of the captainship. Thus generating a bigger poverty, disabling the colonist, to buy slaves, in a escravista society and this still more moved the poverty and the decay of the mining society. Making with that some people abandoned the Mines, in search of agriculture in other captainships. The biggest victim of the fiscal system of the Crown, was the son of the Mines, therefore they had been, without nothing of its, gold and diamonds, that were absorbed by the Portuguese sponge. Leaving them thus, in the misery, hungry and in the decay. The hunger, misery and the decay are equal to the increase of the unevenness of conditions of life of the men.


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They are Joo Landmarks also had its moments of glory, as if it could perceive through the great production of coffee that existed in its region. Its monuments architectural very called the attention the ones that way passed. It was a city where the money, generated mainly for the coffee, if showed through the constructions. Also possua important places, that generated some jobs and served as source of leisure for the marcossenses. For 1890 return, two public schools Are Joo Landmarks possua; an agency of the post offices; a gafieira; a hospital; a pension; a theater, called Tibiri; two churches of Are Joo Landmarks and pertaining to the brotherhood of Ours the Lady of the Rosary constructed and frequented for the blacks in the time of the slavery.

The church of the matrix, of the padroeiro of the city was still more rich in decorations, with towers already evolving for the Baroque one. Its interior one was all decorated in gold; It also had two cemetaries, of the Brotherhood and of the Charity For the Poor persons; two periodicals, ' ' Municpio' ' , that he was closed in 1932 and ' ' The Bandeira' ' , one gives credit that older; stills and until a fabric plant that was transferred to Tame Bar in 15 of November of 1909, as it showed to the periodical Barramansense memory, published in 9 of May 2007. Plant was called Fabrics and Wiring Is Jose and belonged Mr. Jose Norberto de Mello. These are only some more important places that they were found in the city. Amongst them also the clubs are distinguished. It had two clubs: the Marquense Club, with soccer and dances for the associates and the Pleasure of Colored people, more popular and imbatvel in the carnival. By the way, the carnival was one of the main parties of the city.

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