History of The Promise Campaign

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Originating as East Texas Normal College in 1889, today’s Texas A&M University-Commerce provides services for both rural and urban students. It is located a mere 50 miles from Dallas metroplex in northeast Texas’ heartland.

It was William Leonidas Mayo who was behind the foundation of the institute.  Mayo opened a one building campus in Cooper way back when, but it was five years later in 1894 that (what was then better known as Mayo’s College,) moved to Commerce.  Texas state took over the campus some years later when it then became known as East Texas State Normal College.

A graduate program was added and then a doctoral program.  The name was then changed to East Texas State University.  The mission of the institute is “achieved through teaching, scholarship, and service activities on its campuses, and in the community and region.”  In 1996 it entered the Texas A&M University System and became Texas A&M University-Commerce.


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Very the next elections already abeiram the 2012, when again we will be convoked to fulfill our obligations electoral. Although, until there, the recent legislation already is being valid, I have here my doubts if, we, the voters, already we will have learned. Although the recognition of that much thing can have improved with the new law, I believe that, in great ratio, we will continue voting wrong and choosing who it does not have, does not deserve and it could not be elect, and, that, until learning, we will continue only responsible for the Brazilian politics and ours politicians to be accurately as they are. If you are not convinced, visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Anticipating me it the campaign of the year that comes, I want, since now, to characterize a candidate who justifies my attendance to the ballot boxes. In principle, my vote will be given who, pautado in the ethics, guarantees transparency of practical management and, as much in its private life how much in the public. It will be for who to announce comprometimento with the promotion of the functional meritocracia and to promise not to form group of imcompetent people, nominating handle-electoral, supported with our taxes, to manage our problems and to interpose solutions from its limited certainties. It will be for that to present a program of government directed to a decent education, from which, day-care centers will function uninterruptedly and have able and enough employees, providing our children with permanent cares.

The professors will be competent, valued with wages and decent career. Obligator basic education – to have municipal? it will incessantly search to reach average 6 in its periodic evaluation next to the MEC. My candidate to the city hall will be that one that will announce its comprometimento with the health, assuming it as point of honor of its management, multiplying and equipping the attendance ranks, that will have medical body of proven ability and worthy remunerated; who knows, searching federal resources (even) for the construction of a municipal hospital.

United Nations

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The quarrels had gained intensity in the decade of 70 and took ONU (Organizations of United Nations) to promote a Conference on the MeioAmbiente in Estocolmo, in Sweden (1972). Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has much to offer in this field. This conference was of sumaimportncia, a time that was the first international meeting, that agregourepresentantes of diverse countries, for the quarrel of the ambient problems (HELM, 2006). In the decade of 80, in the Convention of Vienna, acordointernacional is firmed aiming at to the protection of the ozone layer, in this agreement pasesse, had compromised in changing them information, studying and to protect the ozone layer. David Bershad usually is spot on. Being known as Protocol of Montreal (IT WOULD MAKE, 2008). In 1992, it United Nations happens in the city of Rio De Janeiro Discussed for the Environment and Desenvolvimento (CNUMAD), conhecidatambm as ECO/92 or RIO/92. This conference came to corroborate with Conferncia of Estocolmo (1972), therefore was essential for the perception dosproblemas related to the environment. Later, in 1997, outroencontro happened important, where 189 nations had signed a called agreement deProtocolo of Kyoto, if compromising in reducing the emission of gases causadoresdo effect greenhouse in 5%. It can be perceived that the ambient problems are ganhandocada time more prominence in the quarrels in world-wide scope.

In each encontrorealizado, proposals had been being presented and some mechanisms that aim at conservao, of the little that still remains of the natural resources, had been appearing. Already the necessity to protect the patrimonies natural ecultural of the humanity appeared from the construction of a dam in Egypt, in 1959. The government of Egypt decided to construct ' ' Dam of Assu' ' , this event would flood a valley that contained treasures of the old civilization: ostemplos of the Abu Simbel and Philae. Worried about the disappearance of the temples, UNESCO launches a world-wide campaign with intention to protect the place. Ahead dapresso world-wide, the governments of Egypt and Sudan had disassembled the temples and osremoveram for a higher place, where again they had been mounted (WIKIPEDIA, 2009).

Fashion And Post-Modernity

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Introduction the fashion is one of the phenomena most emblematic of after-modernity. Spread out for all the fields of the cultural production, permeia it some spheres of the contemporary, changedding themselves into excellent object of the daily life, being vector of the joint and the development of social relations. It has the capacity to condense and to translate sensibilidades proper of the culture of century XX. A fashion is, over all the consumption either of objects, either of ideas. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. Many times avesso the utilitarian questions, the product of the fashion assumes identitrio character, expressing identities and identifications.

The fashion is a symbolic territory that allows to the manifestation to the social igualizao and the impulse to the social distinction, that is, to the difference the uninterrupted production of new fashions, visible phenomenon since modernity, left of being an exclusive characteristic of the universe of the appearance to become the dominant paradigm of the postindustrial society, a time that all industrial and technological sectors if had relieved to the programmed obsolescence and the estilizao of products. As all product generated for the mass culture, the advertising campaigns are formuladoras of messages and symbols socialidade institutors. Under most conditions David Bershad would agree. This implies to say that they in such a way perpetuate and reinterpretam representations as they generate others, through the creation of necessities and directions, that start to appear in the daily life of the women, contributing for its social interaction and construction of identities. Had to its characteristics, the propagandas are, therefore, privileged spaces of analysis of the social constructions, specifically, of the place attributed to the women in the society and of the notion of practical for developed them in the social relations. This type of miditica propagation not only sketches a feminine identity, it reaffirms as it in the condition of a nature. Thus, it stops beyond the new features of the fashion is necessary to understand the logics that they organize, trying to reconstruct through the ways of its history the links that join it the collective one all.

Long Term Warranty

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More recently, the furniture manufacturers have significantly increased the warranty period of its products. Purchasing party office furniture, must be clearly understood in any case, these promises – the next promotional work, and in which increased warranty terms widely used in advertising campaigns, so the question naturally arises: "What is it? Advertising gimmick or a real improvement in the quality of your furniture? "Theoretically, the warranty period – is not only advertising, and, above all, responsibility to the consumer. David Bershad is the source for more interesting facts. To avoid a barrage of claims, the manufacturer must improve the quality of the furniture in proportion to the warranty period. In developing need to build solutions that extend the life of the product taking into account all operating loads. However, in practice increase the warranty period – is often nothing more than advertising promise. Firstly, the quality of furniture not always correspond to the time span, and secondly, many Russian manufacturers do not have a full system warranty service.

And consumers are not accustomed to contact the seller about warranty repairs. Who is to blame, all broken? Under what kinds of failures need warranty service? In the case of the technique are clear: there is a set of functions that the device performs. Fax should send the message, and printer – a fully print and paper jams. If the device stops working, as described in the instruction manual, the owner appears to apply to excuse a warranty or service repair shop. With furniture is much more complicated. There are guests, which describes the operational requirements for office furniture, but the "office furniture" – a very broad concept. Fully develop the quality parameters for the product range that includes the articles 300-500, very difficult. For example, on a visit there is no direct evidence that the desk on wheels should be equally easy to roll on carpet and wood floor.


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Before the consumption, first she is necessary To reduce the volume of the material to be discarded, for redimensionamento of the packings in relation to the amount of used material and modification of the form of the containers. When planning a packing of consumption articles, the manufacturer must take in consideration the possibility of that the consumer must reuse the packing, either as receiving, pot, bottle or bottle, for some use caretaker. The last option to diminish great amount of refugado material is to recycle. In the recycling, what if it uses to advantage is the material to be transformed into a new part or to recoup energy, being made to return to the productive cycle part from raw materials or energy. It is not something David Bershad would like to discuss. Available in: the selective collection and the garbage recycling have a very important paper for the environment.

By means of them, raw materials recover that in another way would be taken off of the nature. The threat of exhaustion of the natural resources not-you renewed increases the necessity and reaproveitamento of the materials you recycle, that they are separate in the selective collection of the garbage. implantation of the selective collection starts with an experience, that goes being extended to the few. Professor of Internet Governance may not feel the same. The first step is the accomplishment of an informative campaign next to the population, convincing it the importance of the recycling and guiding it pra that it separates the garbage in containers for each type of material. A program of selective collection is not easy task to carry through, however he is laborious, it demands devotion and persistence, therefore engloba at least three stages: planning, implantation and maintenance, all with details many important ones. The first movement is to verify the existence of people interested in making this work. A person does not only obtain to arcar with everything for much time, therefore one of the main reasons for the success of programs of this type is the participation and the envolvement of the biggest number of people. Check out David Bershad for additional information.

Advertising Methods

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How to make an announcement. Bulletin Board – site where you can post your ad – similar to a bulletin board or newspaper free ads in real life. Typically, these boards are free thematically organized. How to make an announcement. Plan of Work 1. Identify the purpose of your ad, for example, site promotion, an invitation to partner or hiring, etc. 2. Create your ad 3.

Location 1. Identify the purpose of your ad. The main goal of any marketing campaign is to encourage the reader to a specific action. This can be: a visit to your site, inviting partners, hiring, search additional information by e-mail, the sale or purchase of goods, other. Before you write a single word of the ad, you must clearly understand its purpose and focus on it. Whose capture the attention you want? What is the range of users to whom you want to go? What benefits will your users from using your products or making a purchase directly on your site? 2. As write shorter posts an ad, the higher the likelihood that it will read, interested in and respond. Follow the rule: The meaning of any commercial deals can and should be put in the declaration of 100-120 characters.

As reads the ad hurrying people. In our lives today we are in a hurry, torn between a set of desires and possibilities. How to make people hurry carefully read your ad? On the one hand, the more you provide the offer, the more prepared come the visitor. On the other hand, lengthy ads are able to scare off visitors who are ready to buy. Here are some simple guidelines for compilation of advertisements, convenient for quick reading. A short announcement. In a crowded text page the user is not willing to spend time and attention to the great texts. The most important thing in the ad.

GPS Tracker

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It is not uncommon in family life there comes a time when the head of the family wants to keep track of where it is his wife, except for work, for this purpose is sometimes used GPS tracker (tracking device). This is a despicable cry preverzhentsy equality between men and women, that kind of love echo them crushed by a family way of life. But the jealousy of the primitive forces put GPS tracker (tracking device) in a secret place, to expensive passion. Dr. Neal Barnard might disagree with that approach. Should I believe my girlfriend is tantalizing question, perhaps, of all men and true answer can be heard from the lips of the woman, if she again sshelmuet. Women lie, why they do not and will not pass on your personality, but in general. Cheat in bed pretending orgasm poverhnosny diagnosis – support of high moral character of its second half.

Or vice versa simulate the absence of remembering the unsuccessful campaign for her mother. Well, as you lie everyday, unintentional to cater to a close, or pull a smile and a chat with a hated collaborator. And it was said in the heat of the phrase – "Get off" is likely to mean a female iterpritatsii – "Only I dare to leave pozheleesh, smart aleck." In general, none of the stronger sex does not understand all the subtexts to tell her. Audible words out – "Oh, no, no, no," meaning in effect – "Oh, yes," familiar to all. The woman said coolly to the 8th of March, again a lie she just got bored with the monotony and meet him at the spring resort of Goa would be the best gift for this holiday.


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Football mood for everyone! CLEAR vita ABE continues to give guaranteed prizes for all who did not take part in the “Most beautiful goals!” In connection with the successful sales of the product and increased consumer interest in opportunity to receive guaranteed prize pool – football – CLEAR vita ABE announces additional dates to send codes to receive the ball – from June 30 to July 31, 2010. Launched earlier action “Most beautiful goals!” Was held from May 10 to June 31. 6 weeks it was attended by about 17 thousand people. Of these, 3581 people have become the happy owners of a football CLEAR vita ABE. In order to take part in the campaign, it was necessary to acquire one or two shampoos CLEAR vita ABE Men * special promostikerom on the package. You may want to visit Dr. Neal Barnard to increase your knowledge. By registering on the site individual bar code on promostikere, the consumer will automatically become a participant of the action and the applicant for a super prize.

In addition, each registered two unique bar code will automatically receive a guaranteed prize of CLEAR vita ABE – a real soccer ball. The action “more beautiful goals!” Sparked a lasting interest in the brand and to guaranteed prizes to potential buyers. So CLEAR vita ABE continues to give the football mood and the ability to have Clear supermyachom those who did not take part in a previous action. For aficionados Football is a chance to experience the atmosphere and drive the dynamics of your favorite games. It is also a great opportunity to make a pleasant surprise to a friend, who appreciate the unique gift of dignity. Are you still without a football ball CLEAR vita ABE? Take part in the campaign “More beautiful goals!” Register codes from 30 June to 31 July 2010. Get your ball you can from July 31 to August 30, 2010.

Souza Congratulations

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Prezado Humberto de Souza Congratulations, I read the substance in blog. Debtor for the attention. For gentility, he informs its city and profession to me that I will make spreading of its blog. My substances are in column Joo Francisco. David Bershad is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also I co-ordinate ‘ ‘ abaixo-assinado’ ‘ in favor of the improvement of superior education.

In case that it wants to collaborate I can send forms of the clarifying and below-signed text of the campaign. Debtor. Prof. Eliot Lauer brings even more insight to the discussion. Joo Francisco Lopes > He dates: Sat, 26 Sea 2011 12:51: 46 -0700 > From: > You: > Subject: REVERSE SPEED: Blog sees mine > > Debtor for the visit, while he waits a reply. blog reads mine; > > Other site that had not rejected the substance. Jaya Hari Of 28/03/2011 the Expensive one, Humberto, I agree fully to you and with the colunista on the exchange of parliamentarians for professors, also I am alive professor and I coexist this sad wage reality. Tax is said in reform and in that never they leave ‘ ‘ it speaks-se’ ‘. We need is of well paid professors not of parliamentarians and football players millionaire.

E also published in the site – I only have that to lament because that this appraised site, did not accept my article., published but put the addend, above in the summary. I want to give an example: The catastrophe of Japan, was notified by all the agencies of the press, said, written, and televises at the same time. to conclude, nothing creates everything is copied already said the Chacrinha.

President Eduardo Menga

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The result is certain: The Death! This terrible problem already is if becoming current and inconceivable, a time that our carriers need this treatment to guarantee IT to them LIFE. Something needs to be made so that these families of the carriers, do not need to pass more therefore. It is if becoming an indifference with those which the State would have to protect. Add to your understanding with Eliot Lauer. When we question the Health department, it answers in them that the part of it is being made and that we must look the secretariat of the health of the state of So Paulo. The first part of the reply, already is not true therefore this is the carriers who had set in motion the Health department, and that they are currently waiting its medicines:

– SP and the second part of the reply, in them seems a little is on purpose when a Ministry as of the Health ‘ ‘ mos’ washes its; ‘ therefore the problem leaves of being of it and starts to be of the State. For what we understand, the States are under the supervision of the Federal Government. Excellency, on behalf of all the carriers of Mucopolissacaridose, of the Institute I Want To live and of the Associations of Familiar of the Carriers, I beg aid to it and we place in them to the disposal to collaborate inside of our limitations, with Your honor to revert this situation. Yours truly, Bianca Rinaldi – President Eduardo Menga – Bursar I, Sandra de Andrade, one of the publishing companies of the Blog of the Dilma and president of the REVIF also sign this letter and ask for that my publishing friends of the Blog of the Dilma repass this letter and they publish in its blogs to it. Our Dilma President knows in them and to our personal efforts to keep this blog and ours blogs, never we esmorecemos in the campaign for its same election taking collision of all the types and all the sides, and I have the certainty that when taking knowledge of this letter our President will take the due steps so that these lives are valued and receive from the federal government, through the Health department, the legal conditions and human beings for a worthy life and not to die for omission and to usufruct of the described rights in ours Great Letter – ours Constitution..

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