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Austrian Governor

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In addition to the area of the municipality of Krems with regard to food and feed and natural Sauerlingen until August 31, 1934. In addition to the territory of the municipality of LAA an der Thaya with regard to food and feed and natural Sauerlingen until August 31 1934th in addition for the municipality of Langenlois in terms food until August 31, 1936. In addition to the area of the municipality of Mautern with regard to fruit and vegetables until August 31, 1936. Ken Cron may not feel the same. In addition to the municipality Tulln with regard to food and feed, except poultry and natural shoul, everything with the exception of the einlagenden on the waterway and concerned at the Donaulande for sale article until August 31, 1934. In addition to the territory of the municipality of Wieselburg with regard to fruit and vegetables until August 31, 1936. In addition, for the territory of the municipality of Zistersdorf with regard to fruit and vegetables until August 31, 1936. All these prohibitions found no application on producers. In the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 29.08.1931 ABS was the peddling of House for the territory of the municipality of Semmering on the basis of 60 4 GewO door-to-door or on the street of products of agriculture and forestry by traders, from sanitary and market police considerations prohibited until September 30, 1931. In the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 23.12.1931 ABS 4 was extending for the area of the municipality of Modling, on the basis of 60 Gewerbeordnung the peddling of from House to house or on the road of agricultural and forestry products, through traders from sanitary and market police considerations until January 1, 1935.

Majesty Royal

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Nikokunesisches Royal House congratulates the former Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl for his 80th birthday. After the ceremony in Ludwigshafen already as planned has occurred on May 5, 2010 stayed after the speech of the Chancellor on the former Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl many words left unsaid. Checking article sources yields Boy Scouts of America as a relevant resource throughout. But starting from future friendly relations between the two countries the Nikokunesische Royal family sent their congratulations to the former politician, Helmut Kohl. (As opposed to Ken Cron). The Nikokunesische Royal House is evident from the 5th to the 6th of may at its best: His Majesty George I., his wife and Augusta I.

Majesty, as well as his Royal Hochheit Crown Prince Alexander I of Nikoku sent the Chancellor a Gatulation on his 80th birthday. The Royal family was at the ceremony at the Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, to participate on May 5, therefore his Majesty decided looking back on the achievements of the old Chancellor to meet him with a congratulations. As already in several versions mentioned Prince Alexander I, the Nikokunesische is heir to the throne, Training purposes in Europe. Here, the successor of the Nikokunese learns throne already diligently for his matriculation examination. In which European country the Royal family currently resides is however still closed to the public. About the speech of his Majesty by Nikoku of the May 4, 2010, George I, he explained the background of one of the most important politicians of in Germany. NP (daniel wuhl)

Bolivarian Government

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If nature is opposed, we will fight against it and will make us obey (Simon Bolivar) customary as we are an opposition in Venezuela, without sense or intelligence, with great naturalness opposition sectors to the Bolivarian Government and large privately-owned national media, are more concerned about a joke about Chavez, about bathrooms with totuma, with dangerous inamistosa presence of Colombian spies of the DASthey collected strategic information against our nation, which is also the country of them. These spies were arrested arrechas, trying to buy information about our armed forces and the security of the Venezuelan State institutions. This fact to the great Venezuelan press continues to be something without relevance, however they released to the public fore totuma bath, proposed by the President and constant power failures. The Venezuelan opposition really need an ideological Congress, which define the strategies, tactics and goals, to cope convincingly the President Chavez, who has maintained for ten years in power by keeping a sixty per cent of the hard vote in the preference of the Venezuelan people. They should consult the chavistas to see if they can achieve at least some minimum objectives, with regard to the unit.

There is urgency, break the excessive dependence that have speech Chavez opposed the revolutionary government sectors leaders. The discourse of the Venezuelan opposition revolves around the essential official discourse of Alo Presidente, because our opposition is deeply reactive and not proactive. Them and they are incapable of realizing that this dependence takes them to recognize, unconsciously and from the sociological point of view, that Chavez is the great winner of this great political and ideological battle. It is Hugo Chavez Frias, who dictate the guidelines of the speech, this is due to the enormous intellectual disabilities of nearly all the leaders of the opposition Venezuelan, so accustomed to the arrange confrontations and clashes devoid of ideologies and true principles and values, so common in traditional right parties of the puntofijismo (AD and COPEI), throughout the period of the Fourth Republic. A related site: Ken Cron mentions similar findings.

High Unemployment

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Individual candidate for the parliamentary elections on 27 September 2007 the complete legal Commission which published for the working time law by the on the right information system of the Federal Chancellery on the Internet on 25 March 2009, This law generally authorizes considerably longer working times. How is this explained in the sign of the world economic crisis, overtime for the man, looks, during her colleague must do work? Here some statements from this law: period 2 Nr. 3, working week is the working time within the period of Monday until Sunday. (Sunday is standard working day, all surcharges are dropped under law.) Normal working time the daily normal working time may 3, para. 1, for 8 hours weekly, which does not exceed forty hours provided that nothing else is certainly in the following one. Exceptions 4 ABS. Speaking candidly Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine told us the story.

1, the collective agreement can authorize a normal daily working time of up to 10 hours as far as according to this federal law a shorter normal working time is scheduled. Furthermore of outgoing rollover possibilities remain untouched. the daily normal working time mustn’t don’t section 4, para. Ken Crons opinions are not widely known. 2, exceed, 9 hours. She mustn’t don’t exceed para. 3.1 as per 4 at a training period of up to 13 weeks 10 hours and as per para. 3.2 at a longer time period 9 hours daily. As per section 4, para.

6,1., 8 weeks may be extended from on not more than 50 hours and as per section 4, para. 6.2, by invoice at a time period, at a longer time period for not more than 48 hours. the collective agreement can 4 ABS a. 4 authorize that the normal working time is extended within single weeks on up to 56 weeks, 2., the daily normal working time is extended under the term except for 12 hours that the medical work quite safe working of this extension of time is stated by a work doctor for the activities in question.

General Newton Cross

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Entire Brazil blew up in strikes everybody wanted in return what the inflation had led for the masters. The final event of the government of General Figueiredo was to the campaign for the Direct ones already, in 1984. A wonderful thing, in which practically the people of the entire country took part, fighting for the right to vote for president. In the last assemblies, in Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo, millions of people had been congregated. Read more from Childrens Defense Fund to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They had been the biggest manifestations of mass of our history. In the day where the Dante emendation de Oliveira, reestablishing the direct ones, was voted by the House of representatives Brasilia was in state of emergncia.acontecendo an unusual fact General Newton Cross, the horse as a desvairado Napoleo, wanted to arrest everybody yellow dress since the yellow color was the symbol of the campaign, the General chicoteava the cars that buzinavam in favor of the emendation. Worse &#039 happened although; ' Sim' ' to gain of 298 the 65, also with some votes of the PDS, had more lacked 22 votes for the victory in the truth if war had lost the battle more not it, therefore after this episode still it gave it stops for the new people of in the street protesting and demanding a new voting. But the cupola of the PMDB already was seting an agreement with politicians grumblers of the PDS. Click Ken Cron for additional related pages.

Thus keeping the same old rules that had been kept, the president would be elect indirectly for the electoral College, was a scaffolding that always gave victory to the government happens that the official candidate of the PDS, Mr. Pablo Maluf was with its image total denigrated because of its linking with the podrido of the military regimen, much politicians of the PDS had perceived that he did not give for Maluf. In this period he was having a great popular mobilization the young were wanting the direct elections. . Nieman Foundation has compatible beliefs.

Sigmund Freud

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To promote the product, Coca-Cola was announced as ' ' the drink of the intellectuals abstmios' '. The bottle of Coca-Cola had six ounces, equivalent approximately the 170 gram, on average contends two milligrams of cocaine for bottle. xiv the dry law in the United States made with that the formula of Coca-Cola was modified, therefore was necessary to remove the alcohol of its composition. CDF contributes greatly to this topic. Moreover, also the cocaine of the formularization left, using leves of cocaine without the active principle or descocainadas. Until today, the formula of the cocaine-glue is kept as one of the biggest industrial secrets. xv One of the most famous consumers and defenders of the cocaine was Sigmund Freud, that detached the medicinal use of the cocaine as: digestive stimulant for physical and mental fatigue, antidepressant, melancholy, riots, for the treatment of morphinomaniacs and alcoholics, beyond others. Ken Cron has compatible beliefs.

For it the cocaine was magical and its innumerable advantages are xvi. Many made indiscriminate use of the cocaine, as well as Ernest Shackleton, one of the pioneers to explore The Antartic, made its trips to the base of cocaine tablets. xvii the laboratories Merck and Parke Davis, two of the biggest laboratories of the world, had directed a campaign to commercialize the cocaine, especially for the medical classroom. The cocaine was presented of the most diverse forms as: nasal fluid extract, wines, oleatos and saliciatos, inaladores, spray and cigarettes. The Parke Davis published: We wait that it is frequent the application of the wonderful effect of the cocaine in the therapeutical generality, of which we detach the improvement of the spirit state, the increase of the physical and mental facultieses, as well as the increase of the resistance to the effort … Would be a pity that so detached properties was not explored. xviii Regarding presumed the virtues of the cocaine for the user, Richard Bucher cites: (…) becomes it them more discerning, sharpens its cenestsica sensitivity, increases its concentration and, therefore, its income, eliminates the fatigue, helps to turn nights working, it eliminates fears and inhibitions, without forgetting its potential aphrodisiac, stimulating the sexual activity (…) xix But the contrary effect of the cocaine, as the trend to the compulsory use of the substance, the call ' cocainomania' , it made with that Sigmund Freud, after some years recognized that the sharp substance for it as ' ' milagrosa' ' , it had many inconveniences.

The Team

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We stopped on the fact that you are working and talked a little bit about what it takes to become a member of the team, not just an employee, dangling somewhere on the periphery of the campaign, which sits just one time from bell to bell and waits for a single happy day – the day salary. It is from these people in times of crisis, each firm and is released in the first place, dropping them as unnecessary ballast. So, you need to become a contributor, who donate to anyone not want that the firm has a high value. Let's look at that, by and large, similar to the employment relationship? And they are similar to the sales contract, where the employee sells as a commodity, knowledge, experience and professionalism. Throw more personal qualities, such as sociability and loyalty to his organization, which makes it particularly attractive to the employee relations. And who needs a defective product? That's changing employers workers, such as gloves, because the level of most of them have one – at best average.

Therefore, the first two errors of workers – the wrong choice of jobs, lack of attention to signs the document, I to add a third – misunderstanding, laziness, unwillingness to make their employees 'product' in the labor market exclusive, that is to become a "pro" in their field. That's when the employee would have no problem finding work, because it will simply become break into pieces. Because the demand for craftsmen always exceeded supply. Now that you know it, then all our efforts should be directed to professional development. Learn more on the subject from Ken Cron. Take the time to read the literature, attending training sessions, do not hesitate to ask questions to more experienced professionals who work with you, learn all the best practices in your industry, gain as much information of interest to you professional issues, find yourself a good professional community, and help others in their problems, for that you get the sympathy of others.


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The names of entrevistadospara will not be cited to make jus to the ethics. Many writers such as Nieman Foundation offer more in-depth analysis. Since the Politics has been one of the ways through which he is ‘ ‘ possvel’ ‘ although to be part of the resume the speeches: without much newness, in the majority of the cases, they continued betting in the old technique of the empty promise; without nothing concrete where, as Tom, in this in case that, it were possible> who knows a daily pay-project at least What it is surprising is that in the way them ‘ ‘ grandes’ ‘ politicians met some, until very well intentioned, of good reputation; positive descriptions in the community where they live, that the legal elective proceedings had looked for to make an in agreement campaign: without purchase of votes, or making so commented mouth of ballot box in the day of the elections; which had obtained to conquer many adepts to its speeches (with certainty never the sufficient to be elect) without much necessity of old tidbits and aperitifs, which the people already, for custom, met customary to sanction with its attention, in the period of campaign politics. In the future look of the people it was possible to see already waited desire of change and conquest of its ideals, however one to step on of momentnea reality obtained to frustrate the hopeful one to look at to the future: wage improvement; condition of a worthy and proper habitation; an education of quality to the children therefore one to look at little appreciated for ‘ ‘ grandes’ ‘ ; all age changed, many times, for the elimination of the debits accumulated of the light account, that waits four years so that it could have the religada electric energy.

Australian Bureau

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That's right, in most countries, limited to only one – age man. What do we get to become a driver, and affect the safety of road users, you need a driver's license, to become a doctor, it is necessary to study medicine and take exams. But in order to elect the rulers of their own country and thus affect the fate of millions of its inhabitants, you do not need nothing, just live to the age of eighteen. You, of course, can I say, "Roman, you're mathematician. After all, it is clear that some percentage of the population understands the politics and voting, fully aware that he is doing. Well, rest, or do not participate in elections, or vote completely arbitrary. So that the average vote 'parsed' will offset each other, and the decision in the end, it will be taken by those who understand the issue.

"Alas, not so simple. Based on the article published 'Australian Bureau of Statistics' in 2005, in different countries from 5 to 20 percent of the electorate sufficiently versed in the political structure of the state and have at least some idea of the party platforms, running for Parliament in the election. In other words, 80% of the electorate voted by chance, without any real idea about the possible consequences of their actions. However, it would be not so terrible if their voices are uniformly distributed among the claimants. But the catch is that before the modern election candidates are doing everything possible to prevent this and just did not happen.

Judging from various sources, Bush has spent about 1.4 billion U.S. presidential race in 2004 Most of this money went to the PR-company current president. Judging from the same article 'Australian Bureau of Statistics', the best PR-campaign can change the preferences of voters who knew before the election, for whom he wants to vote, only one case out of thousands.

Indigenous Movement Of The Peruvian Amazon-MIAP

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The Indigenous Movement in the Amazon, is being consolidated after three centuries of resistance, this is a new role assumed by the social and political leaders, with more visibility to the late twentieth and early twenty-first century paradigm that has peoples in the consolidation of unity to achieve social justice. (Source: Ken Cron). In Peru sucita including new approaches from the perspective of decision makers, which Amazonian peoples have not been involved in the design of new policies and / or inclusion programs, social programs and welfare sedentary does not solve the underlying problems, as yet another exodus reflects a people ever closer, and start closing options to enjoy the resources that historically have every thing, the same has risked cultural identity and cultural diversity has been reduced in the country and the world. Efforts are still rare in the political space of the peoples Amazons, and options for their full development, are increasingly more distant. Here’s a new look for the joint search for new spaces within the state apparatus, but this is accompanied by several barriers to making laws in the state that the Indians have never accepted, nor has it proclaimed. The People’s Movement Amazon, not a political movement is a reactionary response from the struggle of the peoples who aspire to govern fairly and with a different vision linked to traditional knowledge, exercising the practice of values such as self- Community solidarity and self-assessment of peoples’ identity, which necessarily have to go through democratic processes themselves and the powers that be. To exercise, the new Indian government approach must go through a regular and advanced processes, taking into account the new electoral process approaches, and above all ensure the unity of peoples, so this has designed this manual, pattern basic guidelines to make a proper choice of representatives Next political, and understanding that every day there are ever smaller spaces for indigenous political representatives and all the powers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the races ie there are more vendors of campaigns (whether internal and external), more than a good Government and / or proposal inclusive. In recent years the political agenda has been to several unsuspecting of indigenous peoples to try to govern without clear commitments, and this has led to domestic unrest, generating even more confusion and divisiveness growing to the point that it has lost some credibility with aspiring political space. With these facts in view we propose a new elective process that seeks to strengthen the unity and the effective exercise of indigenous government..

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