Today, I decided to write on that had much relevance in my life. Soon, I thought about my parents, later I thought about some friends, I even thought about speaking of my relation (very conturbada) with God. But I thought a little there better. My parents already know how much I also love them and my friends, and I would not know to use the words if the subject was? God. was there that I became a question: ' Who was with me when nobody more was or bound? ' The reply she was clear.

Music. Yes, yes, I know that he seems strange to make a dedicated text to an inanimate thing and I also know that to such of? music? it is not capable to read what I am writing but I content myself with this sensation of having fulfilled. People such as Boy Scouts would likely agree. Many times I was sad. Some times, for reasons crossbows and even though for the lack of reasons. in other times, I had justification. No matter how hard I wanted to count for somebody on what he was happening, hindered something me it said and me that the people did not bind for my problems. was in these hours, that the earphone came mine rescue. The problems did not disappear but some way, seemed dimmed ahead of the happiness that brought me to music.

I am not saying that music is better that the friendships (although that I find this) only I am saying that the music is much more trustworthy that the people. Music never has the busy status and it never counts my secrets, it always it livens up and it brings some answers to me. It is clearly that I find that nor all musics are good, some that touch in the radio arrive until me to enojar but in mine playlist, I feel insurance so, I am as if nothing nor nobody he could take off me that peace interior. Its letters give as much force to me to follow in front it leaves and me hopeful since they are written, in its majority, for men. At last, nor these and nor many other words will be capable to pass my perpetual gratitude for music. At last, one more time, debtor.

Critical Areas

First the great localities that had suffered estruturadoras interventions had been the quarters of Mangueira and Mustardinha, through an accord between the municipal city hall and the government of the state (Compesa). The Hose possesss an area 64,6 ha, with a population of approximately 19,671 inhabitants, contends four critical areas or slum quarters, called Sigismundo, Field of the Lice, Well of the Hose and Street Otaviano de Pink Almeida; these communities, stuck in a quarter endowed with some infrastructure had been benefited with Sanitation Integrated in its completude, including the construction of houses inside of its perimeter and a habitacional set in next land. Nieman Foundation is often quoted on this topic. In the Mustardinha, a region with similar characteristics to the Hose, possessing 38.1 ha and population of 11.093 inhabitants, the interventions had been similar, with action of Sanitation. Secretariat of Budget Participativo and Gesto Citizen: Secretariat whose main attribution is the dialogue with the population through plenrias where is voted the priorities for the city. Integrated in the critical areas of Jacar and Beirinha, that formed informal urban accumulations without minimum basic infrastructure conditions.

Brazil Arts

Very it is argued by there, if the art is or it is not, an accessible product for the Brazilian population. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine understands that this is vital information. The great museums costumam to charge entered with compatible prices to a cinema session. This makes it difficult that some people know or have the habit of frequentar museums, art galleries or vernissages. Few schools stimulate its pupils better to understand the world of the arts, what it generates in the majority of the people the sensation of that art is a thing boat or thought exclusively to take care of the necessities of the elite. However, who already was ventured for the world of the arts, can guarantee that this experience is not nothing monotonous. First she is necessary to take off the stigma, of that the art is made only of pictures without favours in a museum. Art is much more that this.

We can for example, to even enxergar art in the television, in fashion and in the hated pichaes. In many cities a great variety of museums or schools of art does not exist so that the people can know, however the Internet can facilitate the life of who if it interests for the subject. But sailing in the Internet, it is possible to find pictures, workmanships and until videos of available arts. Most legal she is that not necessary you if to limit only its region, being able to find information on the entire world. Who possesss much interest for arts, goes to be satisfied with offers of information in the net, that includes blogs even though specialized. Through them some new features are divulged and historical facts more than the one information tool, I could say that blogs of art is really incredible.

A good suggestion of blog that it speaks of art is Artbr (), that it congregates photos, information, artists and tips of expositions. It is an excellent reference for who if he interests for modern art young e. Another option of blog of art is the Art with point you (), that beyond the traditional arts, also it speaks of cultural theater, cinema and other products. If you like this subject, you use to advantage the chance that the Internet offers to it to share information with the others and create one blog. It is alone if to register in cadastre of gratuitous form and to leave painting the seven!

Manifesto Versatilista

By the way, to place all in foot of equality, separate only exclusively for a greater or minor horria load, for a minor or greater personal effort, is proposals that many can dislike, therefore would take off the idea of ' ' dom' ' , it would detach that them of the mass (25). In the space between lineses, the Manifesto considers an infinite time where all will be able to reach excellency degree, since they make whom it with its proper forces, not having the same protecting and preferred in the creation. In summary, in history of art is possible to find artists that believed a supreme intelligence (26), artists that was versatile in its languages (27), that they believed that the life and the progress are perpetual for all, that if did not matter with the commerce of its workmanships, that had not yielded to the commercial aiming or the impositions of its purchasers or patron and artists who faced the practical one as half of aesthetic improvement and spiritual of the individual and the society (28). FINAL CONSIDERAES: The critical analysis of the Manifesto Versatilista, raised more questions of what the answers that we believe to have joined. Filed under: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It can be concluded, after if to lean over on the subject, that we are not ahead of a public letter that is worried about the concrete elements of the art (colors, lines, forms, sounds, timbres among others), but yes with some disfigurements of artistic making, that, according to author, would have to be more come back to the human growth of what to the efemeridade of the fame. Certain fidget if made gift for if to deal with a subject monographic with predefined size and that the more we deepened them, greaters they seemed the contours of what he had been preset. Moreover we esbarramos in conceptual and theoretical limits when undertaking a reflection on a subject that still in them is of difficult understanding: music or the proper art. .

Motivating Children

Optimum incentive or motivation that the child can have, in its home or the school, is the existence of an atmosphere where the sensitive relations with objects and the half ones are stimulated all the moment and not only when they destine the artistic expression. ' ' The life and the art are inseparveis' ' (LOWENFELD, 1977 P. 42). Developing such environment, the child will be stimulated for whom the fence and, prematurely encouraged to use all ahead the agencies of the direction as well as its feelings, that will react sensitively, conserving itself malleable of the diverse stimulatons that will come to its meeting. FINAL CONSIDERAES the subject argued here are including, and of basic importance for the knowledge of all the involved ones with the education. Many are the professionals who finish if coming across with children who do not present income in the learning from there and what to think? They are the professors whom they do not know to teach or the pupils who do not want to learn? After reading the respect very, studying the changes of some techniques, or even though to think that if it must ask for the aid of the family or the pedagogical team, us professors we perceive that the problem is very beyond the classroom and at this moment it is important that these pupils are directed for specialized professionals and that they can point ways with respect to the solution of these problems. You may wish to learn more. If so, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the place to go. All this work consists of searching the solution through the art, or better, the art-psico-therapeutical resources, that can and must be used with children marked for the failure pertaining to school. The objective greater of the arteterapia is not to cure children, but yes to act preventively, by means of ' ' doses of arte' ' , so that these children do not persist in the difficulties of learning, so that they do not fail pertaining toally school much less finish running away from our schools. .


Therefore, it is important to the student to be able to in general dominate the concepts and procedures of the mathematics. Such learning must be made in natural way leaving that the pupil can develop them from the possible difficulties gifts in activities proposals in classroom. Didactic resources the education of the mathematics comes from the necessity of the man in making comparisons, measurements, constructions, symmetries, countings, among others facts motivadores that had been if improving through dialogues, writings, drawings, among others, what currently it is taught in them. On the basis of this, as we can transmit such knowledge of form that makes possible one better learning, of motivadora form? Observing this line of thought it can be observed that the education of the mathematics could be more efficient if was used other didactic resources, that is, to not only use the blackboard and the chalk, but yes to search methods and materials that many times exist in the proper school, but that very it is not used by the professor. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine can aid you in your search for knowledge. Such materials can assist the pupil in the search of motivation of the learning. Some reflections After the development of the activities proposals and the commentary of the pupils in relation to the same ones with the Geoplano and the Tangran, I could perceive the importance of the same ones in the learning of the mathematics, in the scope of the construction, identification of elements, nomenclatures, among others calculate of area relations that are boarded in 7 year of basic education. The use of the geoplano made possible that the pupils dinamizassem its experiences, therefore the game-challenges had an objective to revise the main concepts of polygons (convex and not convex, regular and irregular), had been also studied the different types of triangles (rectangular, obtusngulo, scalene, isosceles, equilateral acutngulo,) and quadrilaterals (squared, rectangular, parallelogram, losango, trapeze), also works with pentagons, hexagon among others polygons. . Follow others, such as Boy Scouts of America, and add to your knowledge base.

University Polar

Before I thought to leave the capital (Luanda) but became man and never I was interested myself in knowing other parts of Angola, as soon as I finished the course daily pay-college student and I had the notice on the FAU inaugurated in the Namibe, in the year that I finished the PUNIV; the 3 years in the Namibe, we in such a way learn many things in the domestic branch, of the life in itself, as in the acadmico branch (superior education, expenditures of house for who are lease or Incline, the college and its expenditures, pass for many make difficult and currently already in we feel them alliviated, because we live in the Namibe favours our parents, who in them sent some amounts in dinheiros, while university student, in the province of the Namibe). That one I hug. Gone ours: Luanda to the Namibe. I, Peter S.Teca (Peter nickname) together with my Brother Kitamuka J.David (John), was to make the test of admission to the college, in day 28 of February of 2005. We had in the apercebido one of the social medias, that the President of the Republic its Eng. Excellency Jos Eduardo dos Santos in the province it Namibe, inaugurates a superior Institute of sciences and technologies, that is, a University Polar region (day 11 of November of 2005); from there, our anxiety started to get more information concerning this superior Institute, because we in such a way wanted to enter and to be part of a university; we were to have to the Reitoria of the University Augustin Grandson (one bes situated in 2 to walk of the Hotel President, in the port of Luanda), we made the registration and in day 28 of February of 2005, we made the admission test, we were few candidates, each course makes use of 25 vacant, and had courses as for example of Engineering the Mechanics, where the candidates all already filled the vacant; the test was not difficult, but the fear devastated in them sufficiently, because already we feared case the results left Negatives.

Crystalline Structures

Robert Rooke, in 1665, was one of the first ones to establish relations between the form of a crystal and its crystalline structure. Structure, in ampler direction, means: Organization of the parts or the elements that form one all. In 1784, Ren Hay, gave a step beyond Hooke and considered that the crystals could be understood as a wrapping up of rombodricas units that it called of ' ' molecules integrantes' '. A crystal currently is defined as a solid with its atoms arranged in three-dimensional periodic reticulado. The arrangement most steady apreesenta the following characteristics: – It groups atoms more compactly possible. – The electric neutrality Preserves. – The character directional of the covalentes linkings Satisfies.

– It minimizes repulses between ons. With the diverse studies concerning the relation between the crystalline structures and solids, it allows to say that the structure of the majority of solids is crystalline. However nor all the solids are crystalline. The glasses and the resins termorgidas, for example, are amorphous. The liquid crystals, that are nothing more than, little thick liquids also exist that present long molecules and that can be lined up parallel as in a crystal. The elastic constants, constant optics, electric condutividade, thermal condutividade, thermal dilatao and even though the chemical reactivity, depend on the crystalline orientation of the material. Moritz Frankenheim, was the first one to develop a systematic work describing and enumerating the space reticulados ones, however, it errneamente counted 15 reticulados space ones. Auguste Bravais, mathematician and French professor of physics, showed that Frankenheim counted two reticulados cristalograficamente equivalents doubly.

Space reticulado is an infinite, three-dimensional arrangement, points and in which all point has the same neighborhood and if calls reticulado point. As Bravais the points of the reticulado one can be associates in 14 different ways, involving 7 called systems Systems of Bravais, they are: – Cubical System: Simple, of Centered Body, Centered Faces. – Tetragonal System: Simple, of Centered Body. – Ortorrmbico System: Simple, of Centered Body, Centered Base, Centered Faces. – Rombodrico- System Hexagonal- System System Monoclnico: Simple, of Centered Base. – TriclnicoVrios elements presents in the solid state different crystalline structures. The denomination for that is allotropy. When the solid is a composed substance, the habitually used denomination is polimorfismo. These changes of structures generally occur in function of variations of temperature and pressure. The study of the crystalline structures and the knowledge of the characteristics of the reticulados ones of Bravais they allow to the planning and the understanding of the properties that certain materials have or will have. The study of the crystalline structures it is part of the Science of the Substances.