FHPF Production

LGM – the best technology for the domestic foundry industry. A related site: Boy Scouts of America mentions similar findings. Current trends. System integration of national economies into the global economy, as evidenced by the recent entry Ukraine's WTO accession, stimulates the development of competitive technologies in our country, particularly in engineering and metal with a decrease in production costs due to the production of high metallozagotovok, including cast. Statistics rapid growth of manufacturing in Ukraine highlights the need for development metallozagotovitelnoy base for innovation and investment basis. In the modern foundry production in Ukraine appears on the site of many large manufactures medium-sized independent companies with their characteristic small series and diversified productions flexibility of technology in combination with relatively low capital cost of implementation and high precision products is crucial.

These parameters are most appropriate technology for casting gasified models (LGM) of polystyrene. The world practice shows constant increase in production of castings in this manner, which exceeded 1.5 million tons / year, one of China has more than 1.5 thousand of such sites. In FTIMS NAS in the department under the guidance of FHPF prof. Shinsky OI developed based on scientific principles is improving the technology of LGM, the novelty of solutions has been confirmed by more than 40 patents, indicating that the leading position in this institution scientific and technical direction. The Institute was created and supplied to customers basic production equipment for foundries unit, serial and mass production of castings of ferrous and nonferrous alloys LGM way power 100 – 5000 tons / year. At the current experimental and industrial foundry institute, based on the LGM-process and employees in some way a demonstration basis, where this equipment is to debug and upgrade level of the best foreign analogues, produced up to 50 tons a month of castings made of ferrous and nonferrous metals. At the design stage of casting sections and shops designers by placing Institute of Technology equipment and layout of its production in different ways (from the unit and repair to the serial production of castings) in accordance with the requirements of the peculiarities of space planning and investment capacity of the plant of the customer.

The Cradle

During the stage of the change of cradle to bed or bed of transition, the parents we felt fear of which our son falls, is struck and that is walking until our room. If one is a house in which are stairs, it is essential to take all the necessary safety measures so that the boy does not hurt itself. In addition it is important that it does not have no object in the way with which it can encounter and be hurt. Boy Scouts of America pursues this goal as well. If the boy is customary to sleep in his dormitory, and if he awakes by some reason, he cries or he calls to his parents. The fundamental thing before this situation is that the parents always go to the nursery and not to take to the boy to the dormitory of the parents.

If the boy still to duer me in the bed of the parents and is thinking about removing the bars to the cradle or to pass it to a bed, is not the best moment to do it. First it will be necessary to pass it to its cradle, to accustom it to that it sleeps there and once trained to sleep in its place, is possible to be passed to the bed or bed of transition. When the decision is taken, there is transmtele to our son joy because or he is greater and or is in age to sleep in a bed. That day one can be organized celebration to celebrate the great change. It is good also that it participates in the disarmed one of the cradle and the armed one of the bed of transition or the new bed.

Work And Organization: The Relations Between Work, Personality And Identity:

This article presents the results of the research carried through next to the Siderurgical Industry, whose main objective was to study the relations between work, personality and identity of the works in the siderurgical area, having as reference the QVT models (Quality of life) in the siderurgical area. The research is characterized as an description-analytical study, being able also to be considered a case study. The searched sample was of 190 individuals. The collection of data was carried through through the instruments of interview and reading of acts and comment in I lease of the workers. Boy Scouts of America contains valuable tech resources. As result, it was evidenced well defined existence of a group interaction, that elapses of one high satisfaction in relation to the organization. Parallel, an important level of satisfaction with the work in itself was found, implicandoem significant QVT.

Apromoo of bigger satisfaction enters the members of the production area and administration, passes for the revision of aspects of the organizacional culture and the politics of Human resources. Through this research, she was possible to identify the determinative 0 variable that they make possible to recommend the adoption of politics that aim at the promotion of bigger adjustment and satisfaction in the work. Word Key: Quality, Work, Identity and Personality. Abstract This article presents the results of the research carried through to together you the Siderurgical Industry, whose main objective was you study the relations between work, personality and identity of the works in the siderurgical area, having reference the QVT models? (Quality of life) in the siderurgical area. The research is characterized an description-analytical study, being able also you be considered it marries study. .


Another point to be observed in the communication, according to author, is the vocabulary, that must translate into the receiver accurately the same felt that it has for the sender, when this does not occur, we say that it did not have an efficient communication. Thus, so that an efficient communication occurs, it is necessary the use of an understandable vocabulary to the receiver as it is to the sender. The communication is composed of verbal and not-verbal manifestations that are used for the communicators, with the intention to change information. The verbal one mentions the express words to it by means of the said language or writing that we use stops communicating in them. For intermediary of the language, we can display our ideas, divide experiences with the other people.

Therefore, without it, we can be limited and not to be understood (STEFANELLI, 1993). Regarding the verbal communication, Bakhtin comments: The job of the language is effected in form of declared (you pray and writings) concrete and only, pronounced for integrant of this or that field of the activity human being. These statements reflect the conditions specific and the purposes of each related field … Evidently, each particular statement is individual, but each field of use of the language elaborates its relatively steady types of statements, which we call sorts of the speech. (BAKHTIN, 2006, 261). The not-verbal communication mentions the manifestations to it of the body, not express for words, as the expressions face, the position of the body, the gestures among others. This form of communication is unconscious and control is not had on it (STEFANELLI, 1993). As if it does not have control on the not-verbal communication, many times are with the aid of the manifestations that we perceive if the sad, glad person this, with fear, feeling pain or worried. Among these manifestations, we can detach the face expression and the corporal one, however all the types of communication can provoke incompreenso, depending on the way as express and it is interpreted, causing modifications in the cases where the communication is effective (STEFANELLI, 1993).

The Restaurant Market

With the onset of the crisis entered a new age of the restaurant market. The restaurant business has become more economical and feasible (consider "pizza Lyublino). Customers began to save money on luxuries, but indulge in the campaigns in restaurant, it may because of habit. Therefore, restaurateurs are trying to meet the needs of clients and offer a cheaper, but equally high-quality and interesting product. Is a natural selection of market players. With respect to weak companies may be several scenarios. Kidney Foundation is actively involved in the matter.

Thus, the weak companies will die, become part of a stronger, they can take under the wing of the larger partners in order to obtain further benefits. Also likely and another option (it is rare, but potentially available), when a stronger company helps the weak to stay afloat, based on multi-year partnership. Naturally, in a chain of "provider – the restaurant" possible different scenarios. Who dictates the rules with the crisis of cooperation of suppliers and restaurants have changed. Some restaurants began to break off relations with some suppliers in connection with the revision of their own menu or changing the range of the provider.

Others try to keep the old partnership, but the suppliers impose new requirements (selection, payment, etc.). In turn, the suppliers dictate the new terms restaurants. The change in terms of cooperation with suppliers is not does not depend on the format of institutions, nor from his kitchen, but solely on the economic characteristics of the company. "The interaction between suppliers and retailers it is extremely important during a crisis – says Giulio D'Erme, director of marketing and sales Rosinter Restaurants Holding.