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Pedagogical Institute

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For the simple reason that it is better to have lower wages and survive than to be unemployed and run in search of a piece of bread. I think you know what I mean. At the moment our school is basically rests on the people of the older generation, who have worked there for 20 years – 30, if not all 40. These people all my life worked in the school and even having retired, continue to work until they allow health. Young people, or rather, a young girl who had just graduated from Pedagogical Institute, go to work in a school again because that many at once can not find a decent paying job "is not the specialty". Work as "specialty" but not a decent wage, a chance to acquire experience, work experience and some social benefits, for example, that they will not be fired in case of unexpected pregnancy. And in general, have a chance to somehow survive. Why, in our schools is very rare to see a teacher a man? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that a man should earn (but not only to work) to support his family.

In the preceding sentence, the word "earn" is the key. Therefore, the vast majority of teachers in the school – a woman. Most have families and their husbands "earn" enough for their wives to live safely and comfortably under such conditions that the school provides. Last only contribute to the family budget. The percentage of those teachers who do not have this living arrangement is still quite small. Of course, they are not satisfied with such low wages and, going somewhere with friends, or friends, they express their discontent.

When the bell rings, it's all forgotten, and again real life begins, in which no one will be no one to claim for lack of time, and indeed itself be much more expensive. Motto – "Work and do not like – go away" at school sounds could not be more timely. Therefore, handouts from the state to the best teachers they can get only in the face of fierce competition and cause the approval to the image of the government. But we, ordinary students, past and present, we all know that all our teachers – the best, and they all deserve a decent life!

The New Concept Of Social Opposition

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Traditionally associated the obtaining of a use of life character and nature, we asked ourselves how one conjugates this monetary reminiscence of policies and systems that crumble with unemployment like central axis, caused in the case of Spain by the historical nonexistence of an own productive model, with the needs of the new cycle between which the productivity like synonymous of emprendimiento, consolidates like the unique viable alternative? We will attend therefore a cycle in which the concept oppositions makes reference to new professions of the future in which the nature efficient and balanced of generation of resources at the same time as the obtaining of satisfaction and answer to needs, are the central axes of the bet by the emprendimiento like the best opposition of the future? Although it is certain that the change of mentality is supposing a effort of invaluable magnitude for many people, is also a reality that the concepts associated to the social framework, united with the necessity to fulfill and to raise the quality commitment and the confidence, consolidates to the emprendimiento as the best form to remove an opposition. And you will take advantage of the summer to do his opposition 2011? it will bet by the emprendimiento as life form and will be integrated to the social framework, the ecosystem in which the opportunities and synergies follow one another through horizontal relations based on the confidence? if the answer is affirmative, knows that the continued formation, courses, masters, oppositions, formation online acquire a superlative importance in a cycle in which without quality, it is not constructed.. .

Ecology Human

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The cultural evolution occurs as the culture if it becomes more effective, or more efficient, in the acquisition of energia’ ‘ (Kormondy and Brown). The paradigm of ‘ ‘ New; ‘ attempt appeared of to explain jointly processes adaptativos cultural and biological of populations human beings (standing out the possible relations that must exist between the two processes), it has seen that until then the studies they were concentrated in separately explaining the evolutivos aspects of the same ones. For example, the genetics of populations, a subdisciplina of biology human being, and as much others limited it the analysis of the population biological characters, without mention to the cultural characteristics. This is an example of the integration enters the concepts of the ecology and the ideas of the evolution and biology human beings. This paradigm introduced the study of the populations on the contrary of the study only focused in the cultures, as it happened previously, what it allowed that the human ecologists used concepts and methods of the biological ecology when analyzing the Ecology Human being. The New-ecology is concentrated in the ambient problems (that they are related to the natural resources, the ambient subsistence and estressores and that they can be answers to the actions human beings or simply to be part of an ecosystem ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘), in the effect that they cause on the populations human beings and the answers of the same ones to these problems (Vayda and Rappaport, 1968).

Occupational stress the presentation of the concept of estresse occupational it will be made after that, with the contribution of some of the cited authors more with regard to this subject. Lazarus (1995) considers it estresse that it occupational occurs when the individual evaluates the demands of the work as extreme for the confrontation resources that it possesss. It estresse it would not be a property of the person or the environment, but it could be developed from the conjunction of a particular type of environment with a definitive type of person.

Anatomical Drawing

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Example of a picture of you discipline currently lecionadas in the diverse courses of EBA/UFRJ: (BAF205 – Alive model I – BAF301 – Alive Model II – BAF103 – Anatomical Drawing I – BAF107 – Anatomical Drawing II). In the French Academy, the study of the alive model it was given of the generality for the particular one. The apprentice had as question, the apprehension of all the set. First the sketch with the main lines became to be worked. It also had what today we call? minute pose? , basic exercise for a fast understanding of the posada figure.

These pupils already brought infused obtain the necessary one? beauty ideal? dantes acquired with the study of the engravings. BOIME quotation that ' ' … obviously, before the appearance and development of the engraving, the only possible option for the students was the copy of the drawings of masters, what they testify treat the oldest ones, as of Cenino Cennini …. ' ' After that, the pupils dedicated the copy to it of models in plaster. Calls of three-dimensional models. Later then, they started to copy original paintings of some great masters. In the AIBA, the promoter of this legacy it was Nicolas-Antoine Taunay, that since the 1834 when occupying position of director of the Academy, promoted a reorganization of its structure of education.

Being based on the molds of the French Academy, it implanted here, you discipline them of alive model and the anatomy lessons. The pupils daqui also were initiated studying copies of screens or prints comings of the Europe. Although cultural in the distance existing between the continents, I repeat BAXANDALL: … the capacities of that we are more conscientious are not those that we absorb, as everybody during infancy, but those that we learn in formal way, with conscientious effort: those that in them have been taught.

Unusual Gifts

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All we want is always to give only the most unusual gifts, how to find these unusual gifts and what are their unusual. Unusual gifts are intriguing, rare, exclusive, unusual, mysterious, interesting donated gifts. To have your special gift remains as an unusual gift for dispensed to learn more about someone going to make a gift of his life preferences. For someone unusual gift can be inscribed pen donated by an influential person, and for someone in such an unusual gift – the execution of a child's dream can become a donated boat. The unusual gift can be not only in the gift, but how He presented the unusual. What present can lay claim to the name of unusual gift? Today it can be called an unusual gift: an exclusive work produced by their arms or hands of the masters, branded souvenirs, and a variety of modern robotics, interesting beautiful toys and of course the emotions in a gift-gift certificates.

Unusual gifts for men should be practical, but it is not always Typically, you should not neglect the interests of men. Men can give exclusive sets of offices, luxury beverage in the original design, handmade weapons and exclusive souvenirs. Men are like known to all children at heart, so .Prepodnesenny as an unusual gift radio-controlled model: 'Cars', 'Helicopter', 'Planes', tanks and military equipment 'Ships, boats'. Also unusual gifts for it can be presented to you, any auto-moto Avio technique. When choosing an unusual gift, you can use now a huge choice of gift certificates, if your man had dreamed as a child to be a sailor, gave him this possibility.


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Bubbles From this image we can visualize as arrows indicated (Figure 10) the sprouting of bubbles in the material, formed during the process of manufacture of the iron carbon, where the rupture of the material occurs with more easiness. If the socket presented a graphite when sandpapered it would leave one black risk, in the studied steel did not have this graphite composition: the bubble only blew up. Figure 15? Bubbles? Incrustation Cementita Ferrite? Iron? Risks From this figure we can observe the ferrite presence brown color, cementita green color, incrustation/porosity black point, iron white color, risks in the horizontal line and diagonal line caused in the burnishing process, and bubbles formed in the manufacture of the steel carbon (it binds binary). 8 – CONCLUSION Therefore, from the presented data, the main conclusions of this work of which we carry through the assay is the study of metallurgic products, making possible to the determination of its constituent and its texture, generally carried through in previously polishing surfaces e, in general, attacked for an adequate reagent as in our assay. One notices that metallography is considered an analysis of great importance to also guarantee the quality of the materials in the process of manufacture and for the accomplishment of studies in the formation of new leagues of materials. This practical if becomes very complex and at the same time necessary, therefore the materials present different morphologies depending on the thermal treatments that had been applied it and also of the chemical composition employee, having to be analyzed before its application. Through the metalogrfica analysis of the steel it is possible to not only determine the classification of the steel, as well as, its physical, chemical composition and mechanics.

CCTV System

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The angle of the camera CCTV. This must be the most important and specific to each room feature surveillance cameras, affecting the selection and operation of the system. Depending on the size of the object surveillance cameras you can choose from small or vice versa wide viewing angle. From this decision will also be procured by the number of cameras. Therefore it is advisable to define these characteristics to professionals. Place installing surveillance cameras. The cameras can be placed inside and outside.

In the case of the latter, you may need are insulated to protect from dust covers or renovations placing the camera. Perception CCTV camera color. Black and white cameras are more commonly used for these purposes. If you do not feel the need to distinguish colors (a specific job that requires a clear description of the object), then for better of the cameras is better to prefer black and white, they have a greater resolution and sensitivity. How big, modern would not be your video surveillance system, it is important to remember that it must possess two main features: a coherent work of all the elements of a satisfactory quality and each of them. Proper placement of security cameras security cameras When you select must be properly identified places to install them: incorrect placement of surveillance cameras will lead to blind spots in the room – areas that will remain outside of Ferris; too inconvenient place spoils the interior and even frightening visitors, CCTV cameras should be kept out of reach, so that both random and special damage or change of direction was impossible. Rough calculation should be conducted before selection and purchase of surveillance cameras, so you do not it turns out that cameras bought not vice versa. In addition, it is possible that, given the size of the room, we could dispense equipment of average quality or smaller range.

If the choice of cameras is done correctly, it is important not to spoil the plant. To do this you must have a floor plan, with funds allocated for it in places / objects requiring special attention. Such preparations are called professionals "situational plan." At this stage, the operational requirements, is made a graphic presentation of places and areas where potential problems may arise in security. To all at twenty-four hour video surveillance or night, you want to put on the lights plan, areas with poor sunlight or covered with foliage plants. Then agree on the location of cameras CCTV has already given their field of vision. It's hard work, in which the omission of even one percent of visibility can be critical, because it is taken very seriously. Reliable mounting cameras When mounting a video surveillance cameras also need to consider some facts: any wires (if the cameras are not wireless) must be securely hidden, to avoid cutting and to preserve the aesthetic appearance, the camera direction to be firmly defined and firmly secured; accessibility to repair cameras is also an important factor. Design and installation of the system video from an economic point of view it is desirable to completely and once, as changes in the existing system is quite time consuming and expensive process.

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