Animal Welfare Campaign

Light and shadow: While Dr. Oetker danz on cage eggs waived, remain Birkel and Verpoorten language and sit on their hands. Dr. Oetker responds to animal welfare campaign and completely dispenses with eggs from caged hens. As of May 2007, the Biel fields food manufacturers the use of eggs from caged hens stopped and used only eggs from barn. A campaign of the German animal protection Association e.V. in which brought several brands with animal cruelty in connection were, has led the company to reconsider. We have replaced us with the German animal welfare society”, says Makkar, head of public relations at Dr.

Oetker. The company have already drastically reduced the use of eggs from caged hens compared to the previous year. Now followed the General off for battery eggs. For animal welfare concerns we have great sympathy”, MacLeod said. Anyway, much more brands than the others attacked by the animal welfare association.

The noodle manufacturer Balabhadra and the Verpoorten egg liqueur producer try apparently the theme to sit out. The companies are not ready for a statement. And the brands have not reported in the animal welfare association, reported his spokesman Stefan Seckler.

Pride2be – A Campaign Encourages And Invites All To The Pride Being On

Recently, Germany has a new campaign that can you be proud of launches its initiative, which joins the Berlin “be campaign” and to demonstrate the pride of the Berlin Gay Community. The communications agency Watt concept Berlin behind. The Managing Director Alexander Wippert and Daniel Arancibia explained their rationale: “people who can be quite proud to yourself or others, be publicly relatively little in appearance. Gays and lesbians not only. The public perception is very one-dimensional or even negative evidence for this group. We want to confront the campaign.” Behind it is and put some more: Prideweek Berlin is now a fixed term. Dedicated associations and groups strive for a long time around the traditional dates of the CSD through attractive programmes to complement the week. Watt concept significantly shapes the events calendar and started in 2004 with the slogan: “Lesbian Gay City Festival opens the CSD week”.

The first Gay and lesbian Wednesday event was called “Gay Night at the Zoo” and from then on was the crowd favorite. Since then, the name has become the eponymous website established and incorporated in the meantime several gay and lesbian summer events. The English term “PRIDE” has become in recent years a synonym for a new gay and lesbian self-esteem. Now, the Pride2be campaign starts from Berlin. Already, the first entries show how important and right is this idea.

So a blogger writes: “I’m proud of it, as one of many around the world have contributed to that gays and lesbians can live free today than ever before in history. Only together we are strong! I am proud of being one of many others worldwide who has contributed his part to freedom of gays and lesbians like never before in mankind’s history. “Only together we are strong”. And even football fans can perpetuate here: “something I am proud already that I developed some football crazy, gay private with me Tournament concept for the volunteer charity football show event come-together-Cup”(Cologne, Essen and Berlin), since 1995 very successfully lived minority integration could operate through sport and fun. Ultimately possible it has been only of course, by the very active support of highly committed, socially active partner clubs in various cities. “.” writes an another proud blog visitors. Here, everyone can join and encourage others. The campaign to stop until the next year and to the PRIDEWEEK Berlin will get their climax. Until then, many dedicated it to post. There are many reasons for lesbians and gays to express your confidence: you have assumed responsibility, pushed a project or something unique on the legs set given a new meaning to your life? Publish your short story here on this page in the blog section. prideweek-berlin and gay-PARSHIP have a surprise for the 10 most impressive content the we still would not now reveal.

Successful Drug Awareness Campaign

Munich Club “Say no to drugs” organized education first “international drug – awareness campaign” which is the most effective weapon in the fight against drug abuse. Therefore, the drug prevention plays an important role in modern times. “” The Foundation for a drug-free world “and the affiliated clubs say no to drugs, say yes to life,” the Church in the life created by members of Scientology, perform different actions to the drug education all over the world, to educate children, youth and adults about the social effects of drug abuse. Over 20 years experience with the world’s largest drug awareness campaign, the drug facts about drugs was information kit”issued 10 handy small info books consisting of. They contain facts about cannabis (marijuana, hashish), methamphetamine, ecstasy, crack, cocaine, heroin, methylphenidate (Ritalin, for example), strong medications LSD, as well as information about, since some time like for supposedly better performance, as well as against the pressure at school and work by students, increasingly be taken high-school graduates, students or managers. “The booklet facts about drugs” contains short descriptions of all relevant drugs, including alcohol, inhalants, of the new and extremely dangerous fashion drug Crystal Meth and oxycodone, a prescription narcotic drugs. The respective effects on body and mind, on the basis of facts and descriptions of parties are described in the booklet.

At the weekend, from 23 to 24 August 2008, one was for the first time international drugs awareness campaign”carried out in different cities and countries in a joint action by the Foundation and the affiliated clubs. These actions in the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf took place in Germany. The members of the Munich Club say no to drugs, “organized a March from the ISAR gate to the East train station in Munich and distributed to stakeholders “and interested the information booklets the truth about drugs”, which were also very good appeal. Drogenkonum means: unhealthy, less efficiency, impairment, school failure, etc. For those who want to do something with regard to drug abuse, the Foundation provides a packet of information with their affiliated clubs for free. It does not have a manual for the prevention work with precise activities, you can perform a drug-free community, to bring about school, etc.. “The information package the truth about drugs” also a DVD that rounds off the package containing the 10 educational booklets. The DVD includes a video presentation that shows the extent of the international drugs prevention programme and contains a series of TV spots, with which young people will be prompted to obtain the necessary facts, to make an informed decision to remain drug-free.

Properly conducted drug education works. You save Millions of lives. The responsibility of the Foundation and of all affiliated clubs is to ensure that the necessary facts get children and young people, the self-certain choice to be able to lead a life without drugs. That there are solutions to the drug problem, already author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard knew in 1969. There is, therefore, the first step is to understand why anyone ever of drugs will depend.

What Retirement Is The Right One?

Early savings is to close new online analysis tool for determining the appropriate hedging to a looming supply gap free. Who starts early, can build up assets with small amounts of cash, because young savers benefit significantly from the compound. A good time is when workers in the occupation have somewhat established a foothold. 50 it should not wait but. Because the closer to retirement age, it becomes more expensive to the pension gap. The choice of appropriate personal pension has a very high priority.

The different ways of the three layers model of retirement should be considered here. The private base pension belongs to the first layer, the base pension. The second layer of fully funded additional interest, include the Riester pension, as well as the post-employment benefits (bAV). The third tier includes products that can be used for pensions, but don’t have to. These include for example the capital life insurance and the private Pension insurance. The appropriate pension type should be individually determined on the basis of targeted questions according to the respective needs/preferences for personal retirement provision. Then a market comparison should be carried out by a pension expert, so that a top product from the numerous offers of the market will be picked out. is a new, specially developed analysis tool for free, which is due to targeted survey the appropriate pension type of each consumer can be determined. From the preventive capabilities of all three layers of the age pension model (Riester pension, basic pension, occupational pensions (bAV), private pension insurance, as well as capital life insurance), the optimal protection for the age is found on the basis of the respective requirements of the user in a few seconds. More comprehensive services, such as the free comparison and offer service by our pension experts and the free advice hotline, guidance on the subject of pensions should done the consumer, so that access quickly and directly through for optimal protection for the age.

Negative Prospects

How can you save the pensions and providing people with an optimal retirement? Focus money reported on the 18th, 2013, the Bertelsmann has published a survey Foundation, which explains the views of pension not to be particularly good. official adults questioned 1004 in the period from September until October 2012. More than half, 52 percent, it is convinced that in 20 years, the retirement age will be increased to 69 years. Also the pension will be so far from certain. A combination of statutory and occupational pensions (bAV) will be insufficient to maintain the standard of living. Demographic change has not only resulted, that people are living longer and later retire, but also the pension level will decrease.

The pension level in Germany is currently 50 percent. According to the calculations and the demographic changes, the pension level will decline in about 20 years up to 43 percent. Higher retirement age and less pension due to dwindling pension level the has the consequence that start working with less monthly pension in retirement. You need to work according to today’s opinion also still two years longer for it. 53 Percent are convinced that the pension level should be maintained at a pension reform. Almost 30 per cent vote against raising the retirement age and 15 percent back against the increase in the pension contribution. 80 Percent of the respondents are for the compulsory insurance for the statutory pension insurance.

Regardless of whether one goes to an employed or self-employed activity. The majority is for occupational retirement provision (bAV) a more private retirement agrees the majority of respondents negative, however, is the obligation to supplementary occupational pensions of many consent. The company pension scheme is currently only available to workers who are compulsorily insured in the statutory pension insurance. According to law, they may require from their employer, that part of their remuneration in the company pension scheme is paid. The percentage will be deducted directly from the gross salary and provides some tax advantages and savings in social security employees, some employers in addition participate in the provision of their employees and pay a proportion of corporate cash into the company pension plan for their employees. Space exists for the optimization of the company pension plan. If necessary, the bAV is a way to satisfy the many citizens are. Read more about the survey on focus.

Dog Liability Test – Tips For Dog Owners

Own calls, who be a dog needs a dog liability. The best friend of man, the dog, has become essential in our society. In many communities, more dogs are registered as motor vehicles; a very impressive statistics. Many people live according to the Heinz Ruhmann quote: “sure, one can live even without a dog, but it is not worth!” But dogs, as well as its people are predictable in any position. Quickly the dog at a Freudensprung tore up the Lady’s dress. Or he wags his tail an expensive crystal glass sofa table. Every now and then the case can even enter that he caused an accident in the road or bite even in the worst case. The damage go quickly once greatly in height.

Well, if the master is then covered. A dog liability insurance protects the owner from financial damage, that the dogs may have caused and which is liable to owner with his personal fortune. Are dog liability test winner the holder of dogs, regardless of breed and age, usually even Liability insurance. Many insurers offer additional insurance for the dog against small contributions. These pairings are of course much cheaper than the sole dog owner liability rate. But considering the keepers liability as a single product, a comparison is worthwhile. Relevant comparison portals are sufficiently available. But beware: not every insurance company on each platform on all comparisons participates.

Therefore at least 2 to 3 comparisons should be made. Always ahead in doing so and thus one of the test winner in this category is the liability Fund of Darmstadt. It offers a very good basic coverage with an insured sum of 5 million euros and a leased thing cover of one million euros. It is not here linen compulsion, which covered puppy and also the hats by other persons can not void the insurance protection. When does the dog owners liability? Basically, all damages are covered, directly or indirectly caused by the dog. Damages are the dog bite or Lacerations, the torn curtain or scratches in the laminate. It is important that this is damage of the dog adds to a third party. If he scratched the own laminate in the domestic home so, that is the risk of the holder. Indirect damages are also very common. The dog pulls himself off the leash and storms on a busy street. While dodging a car hits a parked car. Also by fright or fear triggered accidents are indirect damages and secured by the dog owner liability. Here you will find more information about dog liability test and comparison.

Lise Insurance

After completing his studies and recording a normal paid employment can afford of course a full occupational disability protection. However students already that should make sure what will cost after switching the Starter rate, because a change of insurer at a later time with different disadvantages associated. The higher age or regularly worse health prevent a simple change of occupational disability insurance – quite unlike, say as at the annual exchange of car insurance. Such insurers, in addition to a very good condition works clearly formulate the conversion options or the insured person can freely choose the conversion date are highly recommended. Finally you usually don’t know exactly how long the study will take some time, whether to immediately get an employment contract after and when one is the change in the (more expensive) full fare really can afford. Contact: Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal phone: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Bogdan Kalid image source: olly / about Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany) the Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH operates as an independent insurance broker. The company based in Wuppertal has written himself a high-quality advice on the flags and opts for a sustainable, social and environmental policy.

This cooperates the Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH with over 100 different insurance companies. Customers are mainly via the Internet, by telephone or by mail care – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. One of the focuses of the consultancy is in the range of cover biometric risks (disability, infirmity or disease). The strength of the company Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH characterized by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and various specific target groups tailored offers. With an individual analysis and use state of the art comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.

Matching Age Preparedness

BBW special study: retirement savings a problem waiting solutions retirement is a true perennial favorite for years. In particular, the gap between the real supply and request pension, as well as the routes there is one of the main theme of providers and buyers. From the perspective of households, the State pension is generally safe, but what happens now and in the future with their free assets. In the calculation of the investment opportunities for the age is the question yields obviously in the foreground. Only the dream of the prosperity difficulties currently certain through interest and compound interest.

The success model runs out government bonds for individuals and also other assets interest rates have reached such low levels so that the possibilities of the pensions of many investors are being questioned more and more. The demographic development will exert in the coming decades in almost all areas of life. The changes in the age structure of the population can be known to a common denominator bring: A persistently low birth rate, rising life expectancy and the aging of the now heavily occupied Middle vintages. And this happened against the backdrop of a currently declining willingness to a pension. The debt crisis has established itself in the minds of German investors. So, 39 percent of Germans feared rising inflation and would rather spend their money. That is alarming, especially since the aspect of security before the return is the most important criterion for age pension saving in Germany. 96 Percent, nearly all Germans specify safety is most important the invest their money for retirement.

For many German savers money before the euro crisis is today no longer safe. Consequently, the savings goal has consumption or subsequent purchases”loud TNS infratest in spring 2012 the retirement savings goal” replaced as leader.

Advertising Campaign

Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways if you have developed a new product, a new brand or a new service with your company, and planned to distribute this new brand on the market, then you should at this point always note that it may be not very easy to the part, with new products and brands to achieve a good effect, your company can be a great advantage. Therefore you should plan always an excellent advertising campaign in such a situation, which will help your company here, and ensures that you can bring your new products and brands to the people. For example on USB sticks can be 512 MB, because these freebies offer a whole range of very interesting benefits. This is very important especially with the release of new products and brands, because every new product after development first has the problem that it is unknown, and for exactly that reason is very difficult on the market can anchor themselves. Here it doesn’t help unfortunately also if the product on a particularly good idea, or a brilliant market gap is based.

Therefore, the advertising in any case is very important to enhance both the popularity and the popularity of new products and brands. But there are other aspects that favour the USB stick 512 MB in a good advertising campaign. But first, it is of course very important that one leads right in front of eyes, what sort of people you want to speak with the advertising at all. Setting to a certain target group is very important for the most diverse reasons, because for one, you can save so much money, and on the other hand it facilitates the remaining planning, because you must adjust only the advertising campaign on the respective target group. Therefore, this step also for smaller companies is very important, because you can save as also much money if it sets for example to a smaller audience. 512 MB you will enjoy with the USB sticks a good effect even with a smaller audience, since one the audience also simply can set so that only the people in the audience who also the products has and Brand of your company are interested in.

If you delete people, who already are not interested in the products, you will lose also no advertising effect. On the contrary, this way you even save you money, because you attract only the people that are important to your campaign. But there is also a further very important point. Because these gifts are very cheap, and thus it is particularly easy to reach many people with them. The 512 MB USB sticks can be used therefore particularly beneficial, when it comes to reaching as many people for example in the framework of a major event such as a fair, because if this world has many gifts, you can inspire many of the potential customers and clients to. Therefore, you should necessarily employ this advertiser means in such a situation because you are so guaranteed achieve outstanding performance that even a long time after the actual campaign will help your company.

Product Photos

Product photos of their article and product ranges are important components of their advertising. Therefore the term ammunition is not so wrong, if once is taken into account, what also should do their commercials, presentations, and catalog offers. Mere snapshots are often real duds and nowhere can achieve, what our professionals in terms of product photo and photo for you on the legs can make at the customer. Our five professional photographers as well as their assistants, are first-class weapons suppliers”for marketing-oriented entrepreneurs, traders and managers. Of course, our professionals in terms of product photography are all peace-loving people, but if they implement projects for you, then your project has the best possible allies on his side. The product photos must represent your product in optimum angles and be perfectly lit, the perspective must agree and comply do the composition of the product photos in addition to the brilliance of the color itself the highest standards in full. On a total over 500 m Studio space we edit also contracts with larger volume simultaneously or synchronously efficiently according to your parameters off.

Also logistically we have prepared and 250 m warehouse space at their disposal in the House available. Most modern technologies of digital high-performance photography from Nikon, phase one and Sinar are waiting to help their products meet any measure and ensure high quality all infected targets or exceed product photos. Trust the tried and tested quality, the knowledge and the expertise of our crew with many years of experience in product photography. Real expertise is to be replaced by anything, and in the sectors of food photography, fashion photography, and the professional photography for catalogues, is like a proper and competent partner at your side. Gladly we advise you on their projects and help also in peripheral areas, such as for example the decoration of their article or the placement of suitable models and mannequins from. Our partner Studio recommended explicitly, especially for fashion productions.