The American Crisis

Reflection of what we will go to face: We can imagine the deep perplexity that the crisis of the world-wide markets if abated on the ideologists of the neoliberalismo, the minimum State and the salesmen of the illusions of the market. especially of the excellencies of the market that everything would decide. To facilitate the workmanship, they had started for demoralizing the State as pssimo manager and defaming the politics as the world of the corruption. Of course it had and still it has problems in these instances. But if it cannot open hand of the State and the politics if not want to regredir to the social barbarity.

We of the social area who we have the commitment with the human rights, especially, of most vulnerable, demons us soon count of that now the main violator of these right ones was the mercantile and neoliberal State. Therefore the rights left of being inalienable. Human beings were transformed into necessities whose satisfaction must be searched in the market. Who only has rights can pay and will be consuming is not more the State that goes to guarantee the minimums for the life.The crisis economic current it unmasked as false the neoliberal teses and the combat to the State. With astonishment an enterprise periodical wrote in garrafais letters in its section of economy ' ' Irracional&#039 market; ' as if one day the market was rational, market that leaves of is 2/3 of the humanity.

One known commentator of economic subjects, true sacerdotiza of the market and the minimum State, inflated of arrogance wrote: ' ' The American authorities erraram in the regulation and in the fiscalization, they erraram in the evaluation of the dimension of the crisis, erraram in the dose of the remedy; erram when they have contradictory behavior and errtico' ' for my account, would add: they erraram in does not convoke it as great pitoniza that it would have the adivinhatria solution for the current one crisis of the markets. The lesson is clear: left on account of the market and the voracity of the speculative financial system, the crisis would have been changedded into a tragedy of planetary ratios putting in serious risk world-wide the economic system. Logically, great victims would be of always: the economic, poor persons and excluded calls zeros. He was the Been defamed one that had that to enter almost with two trillions of dollar for, at the last moment, to prevent worse. They are facts that in them invite the deep revisions or at least, some to be less arrogant.