Preparations for the 11th have begun AKTIVOLI Freiwilliigenborse Hamburg–11 times the doors of the historic Stock Exchange Hall of the Chamber of Commerce to the marketplace of the volunteer open in January 2010″. The first meeting of the working group public relations”to prepare the AKTIVOLI voluntary exchange place already have found. The team of FreiwilligenBorseHamburg is involved in, in addition to 30 other partners of the AKTIVOLI network, the planning and organisation of the event on Sunday, January 24th, 2010. The FreiwilligenBorseHambug sees itself as an interface for volunteering in the Hamburg metropolitan region and works with about 670 committed organizations, foundations and corporations the common good. Eaktivoli.de can spot more than 1260 projects are viewed via the database.

But also the search for new competitors for established or newly established projects is possible. The staff of FreiwilligenBorseHamburg like to give information about Hamburg volunteering opportunities and support If necessary also projects directly. Project Manager Bernd p. Holst: we are a voluntary exchange, which is accessible throughout the year. The strong influx of citizens at the event AKTIVOLI volunteer exchange in the Chamber of Commerce, is also used by us to present our team and our possibilities. The AKTIVOLI day in the Chamber of Commerce gives citizens and organizations the opportunity to meet and a place to Exchange. Organizer of the Exchange are the AKTIVOLI network and the Association of free welfare care Hamburg e.V. Last year, more than 5,500 visitors at over 120 booths about sport, culture, politics, environment, and social projects informed themselves about the stock market.


A promise of humanity by stephen d ors seems truly out of this world today see crowds in row to see a corpse for several thousand years of antiquity, but is made news in the means by which this fury? will be a kind of psychic condition? Actually I don’t believe it as reality from that kind of emotion, rather corresponds to what gives us our essence in terms of own essence. In other words, the animals end up, the machines turned off, but in us it is something more; and this in the rainy days of Silicon that we live we have of asegurarmos in any case, despite the tecnoevo that leads us to be productive with the idea that any evolution of metaphysical is an attack against our power over nature. Those rows in the midst of 40 centuries that observed are perhaps the clearest voices to say that we still need a promise of humanity for each.. .


This acts as process where if of the transference of a message of an sender, for verbal, not-verbal, chemical, electromagnetic a receiver, being able to be among others. The act of if communicating would be the way for intermediary of which the individual displays its experiences, ideas, knowledge and feelings to another human being. Soon, through this, a message is codified and exactly decoded using sonorous, iconographic or gestuais systems and signs or symbols among others (PEN-CASANOVA, 1999). Such can be used with verbal communication, audible manifestation, in the form of speaks, but not-verbal, as of form also written, in the corporal language, among others. It is important, to stand out, however, that, amongst the human beings the transference of the verbal message, involves a falante and one or more listeners. Therefore, the individuals are programmed since early communicating itself. Composed of systems of transmission of messages, in its verbal form the communication has the language, that in turn says it has it as main element (PEN-CASANOVA, 1999). Soon, the language says and allows it the transmission of the message.

It says it, as Guedes (1997) is a function of the breath, on to the neurofisiolgicas changes of the larngeos consequences, of the musculatura of the joint that receives impulses volunteers of the cranianos nerves for where if they create audible sounds and meanings, that is, words. Thus, in its production the movements can be complex and changeable, if modifying in accordance with the phonetic context, with emotional load or the formality or informality of the situation, becoming the joint in some situations acurada and more intelligible. In it speaks, the voice is the sonorous emission produced by the larynx, generating sounds and the words, placing in practical the codification and decoding, necessary for the exchange of messages between the human beings. Therefore, the language demands the development of four systems that if relate and keep dependence, that is the pragmatic one, the fonolgico, semantic and the grammatical one (PEN-CASANOVA, 1999).

New Dinkelacker Campaign

VfB premium partner Dinkelacker surprised football fans the new, chic half liter jugs decorated much like the home and away kits of Gomez, Hitzlsperger and co. in white and red and wear the distinctive chest ring on the jugs with the original logo of VfB. Thus, it can be perfectly on many goals in home games and Auswartsbegegnungen abut the VfB Stuttgart is. There are the pitchers against 55 bottle cap of any kinds of Dinkelacker beer for everyone. It is so could care less about whether the cap of a Dinkel Acker CD-PILS, a private or one of the other bottle beers come. As long as there are original bottle caps of the popular local brand of beer. The collector reaches the necessary number, come the bottle caps in a transparent plastic bag. “Now the football fan needs leave only the bag may 15, 2009 in time by 16 March at the latest of the content is just counted by weight” and already he receives his VfB mug set.

Acceptance and dispensaries are the brewery Dinkelacker Schwaben Brau, “the VfB city shop and the VfB Sport shop and sports bar Palm Beach”, both in the Carl-Benz-Center. For Dinkelacker Marketing Director Stefan Seipel is the campaign for all VfB fans an opportunity to show the flag: with the VfB-home and Auswartskrug it proves at home, in the circle of friends or football watching his commitment to his football club and its region. One is, as Dinkelacker, wholeheartedly here, and with all my heart pendant of the VfB Stuttgart.” For more information see accept, decline and skipass-offices of Dinkelacker campaign private brewery Dinkelacker Schwaben Brau, Tubinger Strasse 46, Stuttgart mo. Fr. 8:00 16:30 VfB Sport shop, Mercedes str. 73 A, Bad Cannstatt mo.

Fr. 9:00 19:00, sat. 10:00 15:00, on home game days until an hour after playing possible sports bar Palm Beach Mercedes str. 73 B, Bad Cannstatt so. Thurs 10.30 am to 1.00 pm, Fri / Sat 10:30 3:00 VfB city-shop King Street 23 25, Stuttgart Mo. Fr. 10:00 20:00, sat. 10:00 18:00 strange bottle caps will not be accepted.

Pokleit Wallpaper

First, consider their raznoobraziem.Est whole group wallpaper c deep embossed patterns and the lack of multi-colored pattern. They are called structural (or textural) of wallpaper and are designed for painting. And since they are becoming increasingly popular, as are practical and are in the public price range, today we will tell you about them. There are three types of wallpapers: paper, non-woven and glass fiber. In fact, it's completely different wallpapers as in the manufacture of a variety of materials used in certain combinations. And the advantages and disadvantages of them are different too.

Their common feature – they can be painted or repainted many times. This is usually Any suitable dispersion paints, including latex. In the initial form of these wallpapers are usually white, that is generally unpainted. Less common are colorful, mostly pastel colors: pale green, yellow, cream, blue and pink. Background color can be obtained after staining of an unusual hue. However, these wallpapers can be used without further processing. Paper wallpaper for painting fit for any surface, not even particularly well aligned.

They are usually dual layer, similarly to a friend duplex, but the greater thickness and density. These products are impregnated with a special water-repellent composition, and even after multiple staining retain their water resistance. An interesting variety of paper-based structural wallpapers are so-called coarse-fibered (grubostrukturnye) wallpaper. Relief of their surface is not achieved Traditional embossed, and the method of space between the smooth layers of foundation and cover the wood chips – wood processing waste.

Gulf Stream

It also provides free legal support to complete the transaction, which costs a lot, if you order the service separately. The desire to find the lowest price, for example, if a company – the intermediary with which you cooperate, offers property at prices well below market, or if you buy through it ensures unbelievable bonus, we will be at your place of thinking, and whether there are pure? Do not forget that in Spain, as everywhere, free cheese is … correctly, it was there! Woes of a failed deal stronger than the joy of low prices … Why in buying a home in Spain should apply to us? Our experience and expertise Affiliate “Gulf Stream” – is a network of offices throughout Ukraine, as well as in many cities in Russia and other countries. We value our reputation. That is why our partners in all countries – the company has long been successfully operating in the market. Professionals! Spanish company specialists have extensive experience working with clients from the CIS countries. They know all the nuances and special requirements of this type of customer.

You are always safe from nasty surprises! Wide range of services we can offer you: A wide range of residential and commercial property in Spain; Getting a mortgage loan at Spanish banks on favorable terms with a minimum of formalities; Participation in profitable investment projects in various sectors of the Spanish economy; Wide range of after-sales service real estate – this offer exclusive! Guaranteed support in any situation in a foreign country without knowing the language, laws and customs, you may find yourself helpless in the face of various problems. But all problems are easily solved if you know some details. Help and support for our Spanish partners does not end at the moment purchase transaction – the sale. Any service you may need to be provided for a modest fee. Verification of each property we carefully analyze all the properties before to offer them to you.

Be sure – you buy property free of debts and arrests, with a completely “clean” documents. What steps need to do on the way to the dream? Assessment of financial capacity to start, we suggest determine their financial capabilities. Do not worry if they are very modest! What seems to be unavailable, can be yours if you approach creative process. Choice Real Estate Contact nearest office of the partner network ‘Gulf Stream’ and talk to the manager of real estate. Describe your idea of the dream home, tell the expert about yourself and your abilities. Based on your wishes will be selected options. The specialists of “Gulf Stream” will provide you with detailed information on how to purchase real estate, the documents required and the approximate amount of future expenses. Trip to Spain for processing We will help you deal to prepare for a trip to Spain. During this trip you can explore the options available real estate and make a choice. ontrol of Your Diabetes. We will help you get a Schengen visa and buy tickets to Spain, and our Spanish partners will meet you at the airport of arrival, place and begin to translate your dreams into reality.

Rurup Riester Pensions

Just go to the chaos in the pension Portal jungle the Rurup pension has many advantages. More and more freelancers and self-employed persons take advantage of this private old-age provision. Tax incentives give first and foremost the appropriate incentives and by the way even more money for the age is set back. The advantages of Rurup pension are clearly obvious: They are flexible with the choice of contribution payment. No matter, whether as a monthly or annual contribution or even as special payment, as long as you get a fixed maximum amount, to make very flexible contributions. The Rurup pension funded with tax benefits. Only the posts must be taxed in the payout phase. As but rather low fails the taxation of retirement age, the tax advantage used in advance is only slightly reduced.

Another advantage of the Rurup pension is the guarantee of a lifelong pension payment. Thus, a fixed income in the age is secured and can the evening of life without financial worries be denied. The Rurup pension certainly Hartz IV. In the event of unemployment or during insolvency proceedings the savings capital of pension may not be seized. The pension is still secured.

The withdrawal start of the Rurup pension can be set flexibly. Depending on the entry in retirement you can set, when, the payout of the Rurup pension should begin. The only condition: the 60.Lebensjahr must be completed. The exact beginning of pension payments will be laid down in advance in the Rurup contract, can be moved but afterwards again. A next advantage manifests itself in the protection of survivors in case of death. An additional protection for the nationals can be integrated into the Treaty. In this way, the savings capital of the Rurup do not expire pension in case of death. Spouse or children who are entitled to child benefit, then receive financial assistance through a regular disbursement of the savings amount.

Bills History With Excel Soon?

The sales tax, the IRS knows no mercy. Incorrect or incomplete account information can jeopardize the deduction. You write your invoice with Excel? Are you annoyed by the eternal copy and search? Apart from this, Excel documents are not electronically archived, since they have no stock and can be changed at any time. Why leave the annoying routine work to not a software? With the operation management software the company Optibit GmbH & co. KG from Urspringen PHPW invoices can be fully automatically be shipped in non-editable PDF format directly by E-Mail to the customer.

Normally many small businesses, start-up companies or craftsmen looking 21 0 a simple and convenient solution for the BuchHaltung and accounting. The commercial software PHPW was developed for managing operating from the practice for the practice. It is equipped with all the features needed in particular a smaller company in everyday work. The system takes over the writing and managing bills. The Bill automatically directly to the customer by E-Mail can be sent as a PDF.

The entire accounting is kept in the background, derived from the processes that take place in the company. Can be created also the advance button or the BWA and the most important figures are available. That minimizes the cost of tax advisors and everything that is necessary for business planning, can be viewed at any time at a glance: accounts for orders, invoices, customer lists, etc. Check with Eliot Lauer to learn more. high initial investment and no elaborate installations must be performed on the individual jobs. PHPW is independent of PC systems, because it runs through the Web browser? Platform independent too, the user can by on the road or by the customer directly orders online or write bills and print. Thus, PHPW is not only user friendly, but also flexible and inexpensive. More information about the products and services offered by the Optibit GmbH & co. KG,. Optibit GmbH & co. KG, specialized in the development of powerful Web applications represents the Optibit GmbH & co. KG the ideal partner for all companies that work with the Internet. The newly developed platform independent and capable of online software PHPW by Optibit is a unique commercial solution to the management and handling of the ongoing business in just one program. In addition, Optibit provides the virus and spam spam Sperre.de. Press contact: Optibit GmbH & co. KG Castle Street 19 / In the Castle courtyard 97857 Urspringen / Germany phone 0 93 96/97 01-50 fax 0 93 96/97 01-69 Internet:

Democratic Alliance

But the cupola of the PMDB already was seting an agreement with politicians grumblers of the PDS. Thus keeping the same old rules that had been kept, the president would be elect indirectly for the electoral College, was a scaffolding that always gave victory to the government happens that the official candidate of the PDS, Mr. Pablo Maluf was with its image total denigrated because of its linking with the podrido of the military regimen, much politicians of the PDS had perceived that it did not give for Maluf. In this period it was having a great popular mobilization the young were wanting the direct elections. However, with defeat of the emendation it was a cold water bath for the population. Plus coalition of parties of opposition congregated in the Democratic Alliance it chose Tancredo Snows to be its representative. In 15 of January of 1985 Tancredo Snows she was elect President for the College Eleitoral and Jose Sarney as its vice one, representing the party of the opposition and defeating Pablo Maluf, of right. in the eve to the same take ownership in 14 of March of year, the politician was interned in serious state in the hospital and the vice-president Jose Sarney assumed the position.

Tancredo snows made career in the PDS next to the oligarchies mineiras.foi minister of the justice of Getlio Vargas and was in the MDB. Moderate, it never has serious attritions with the military regimen was one skillful politician, but that never if he bound to no popular fight, it turned rescuer our native land giving an end in the Military Regimen that haunted the country for 21anos. more the destination was ironic when it irai to take Tancredo ownership falece in day 21 of April of 1985, giving to beginning more a chapter of the day of the redemocratizao in Brazil with the government of Jose Sarney.

Sebastio Caps

This team obtained the cession of the land where today still the clinic functions and the objective one was if to implant the CAPS, fastest possible, in view of the great one I number of internments at that time (about 50 internments per year). What for a population of 23.692 inhabitants he is one I number very great of internments what it generates for the city one high cost. The assistance to the carrying patients of mental suffering was made for clinical doctors of the health net, whom or they directed for a medical psychiatrist it are of the city or for internment in psychiatric hospitals, being that the reference at the time was Hospital of Privets, You cultivate and Are Sebastio of the Paradise.

Law 11,802, Art. 1) Says que’ ‘ all carrying person of mental suffering has right the constant treatment through therapeutical procedures, with the objective to recoup the physical and mental integrity, the identity, the dignity, the life family, communitarian and profissional’ ‘ – General Objective PROJECT; It is to offer and to guarantee attendance to multidiscipline patients psychotic, neurotics serious and egresses of hospitals psychiatric, in regimen of treatment intensive (patient that they need daily accompaniment), half-intensive (patient that they need frequent accompaniment and not-intensive (where the frequency it can be lesser) and also orientation the familiar ones with the objective to breach with the manicomial paradigm, aiming at to diminish the psychiatric hospital internments and thus to improve the quality of life for attended and its familiar ones. – Justification – the main justification for the implantation of a CAPS is and it was always the great one I number of internments of city () It would carry 336/GM? ‘ ‘ Art 1 Estabeler that the Centers of Psicossocial Attention will be able to consist in the following modalities of services: Caps I, CapsII, CapsIII, defined for increasing order of transports/complexities and population abrangncia, as made use in this Would carry; ‘ ‘ Goal? Our main goal is the reduction in 100% of it numbers of hospital internments (gradually in the subsequent years to the beginning of the CAPS) Planning Functioning? Partnerships In elapsing of the years had been made diverse important partnerships for the Clinic of Mental Health, and the aid of diverse volunteers who give great aids in the clinic. Atendimentos given today; Psychological attendance, psychiatric attendance, therapeutical Workshop, recreativas lesson of physical exercises, trips Result; Some partnerships that in donate materials to them for the artesanato, sales of the artisan products; Recreativas trips for other cities, pass of bus for the frequent patients Lacks the main lack of the clinic is the construction of the building for the implantation of the CAPS, more professional, mainly the T.O. Benefits CAPS Installment services the community of adequate form generation of jobs..