Create A Paradise !

Finally it happened! Last spring, for me, as a landscape designer, began to address not only those with big beautiful houses on the outskirts of Minsk, but those who know the most common garden plots of 6-10 acres of land. To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. Personally, I'm pleased with it: people are beginning to change their conservative view, saying that giving just to exist and to grow cucumbers on it, tomatoes, potatoes, that is, all the time from sunrise to sunset is in position "sic." This situation, unfortunately, in most cases, still exists today. What kind of self-denial, fighting for full self-urozhaygorodskie farmers! Trains, buses, pedestrian crossings, 6.5 kilometer times, carts, backpacks, weeding, fertilizing, watering, pest control and the June-chills are just some adversity and work with experienced cottager every weekend. I'm sure if there was a device that measured all these man-hours – it simply would any high! Had long been paid off, such work up a sweat. And if we add to it the cost of a horse for plowing, plowing, buy seeds and "gold" manure? .. And the result? Several kilograms of tomatoes, carrots, onions – and not one hour of rest.

Our neighbors in the country, for example, each fall, collecting his tiny harvest swear: "Everything will be enough for next year area planted with bushes, lawn – and we enjoy life. "Spring comes – and again they make lots and lots of beds. "But what about pootdyhat?" – I ask. Instead of answering, the owner of the hostess just smiled.