Mueller Park Service

Internet research and Park, Sleep and Fly can save money thanks to the numerous budget airlines and the many last-minute offers, it is no longer difficult to book a cheap holiday. For a few hundred euros to fly to the south. However, one should also take care of in time for the route to the airport, otherwise the leave can start to be a nightmare. Congestion and delays can easily cause stress. By the same author: PCRM. If you still do not find parking at the airport, it is very quiet with the past.

The journey by car is convenient, usually you have to do but focus on expensive parking at the airport. This is especially true for large and central airports. For example, in Munich. When parking at Munich Airport you can quickly do a nasty surprise. The prices for the long term parking in front of Terminal 1 (P5, P7, P8) are 160.50 for 15 days with hardly a bargain. This can save a search on the Internet a lot of time and money. Meanwhile, there are numerous alternative providers for parking at the airport.

Again, there are significant price differences and a comparison is worthwhile. We find at providers like a place in the Airparks car park near the airport in Munich as early as 58, – for 15 days. This saves almost 64% compared with a parking lot at the airport. Park Service requires Badberger 61.50 for a parking space outside, rich 82, – for a place in the garage. In Mueller Park Service, it is still a bit expensive. There, two weeks free parking in the open area 75, – . For most vendors, the parking can be quickly and easily book online. Locally you can park it near the airport and will be placed on time with a free shuttle to the airport. When returning the shuttle bus brings the customer back from the airport. Often you will be picked up directly from the terminal. Also very convenient, the Park, Sleep and Fly Packages, where to book a night at an airport hotel, and often nothing at all or little more for a parking space for the period of leave paid. Achat Hotel Airport Munich can be as early as 84, – a night and 15 days parking Book of the hotel’s parking lot at. Compared to the 160.50 to the official airport parking prices for this range may well be proud. It saves nearly 80, – , a hotel room gets included and can use the leisure facilities. The transfer to the airport is included. The relaxation before the holiday is so guaranteed. The Kempinski Airport has parking on sleep and fly at up to 22 days parking for 119, – on his website. After a good breakfast we go from the hotel the next day to rest in the airport. With the Online check-in it is even possible to have to take only hand luggage on departure. A little research on the Internet so well worth it.